January 5, 2024

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UpTeam Announces Appointment of Nicu Bordea as New CEO

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CloudGeometry, a leading provider of Cloud and AI services, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and a member of the Linux Foundation AI and Data Commons, is excited to announce the launch of the UpTeam Cloud Talent Platform, and the appointment of Nicu Bordea as the CEO of UpTeam, our team augmentation and managed development services division.

Nicu brings extensive expertise in managing large-scale software development projects and building teams in our competitive and ever-evolving industry. Prior to this, Nicu managed numerous engineering teams at CloudGeometry and led the adoption of a unified Platform Engineering approach. The result of those efforts was the creation of CgDevX, a popular OpenSource project offering Platform Engineering implementation based on widely-used OpenSource products. Before joining CloudGeometry, Nicu held engineering and business operations leadership roles at top UK software delivery companies and several FinTech startups.

Sourcing and training cloud and AI professionals have always been a top priority for CloudGeometry. Nicu has elevated this expertise, spearheading the development of the UpTeam Cloud Talent Platform. This platform provides a dynamic and supportive environment for software development professionals to advance their expertise, offering industry-valuable certifications such as AWS and Azure SA, AI, DevOps, CNCF Kubernetes Developers and Administrators, and DataBricks data engineers. It also enables participation in projects with leading US technology companies and contributions to CNCF OpenSource projects.

Discussing his new role, Nicu stated, “My goal with the UpTeam Cloud Talent Platform is to transcend team augmentation. With over 500 certified and trained professionals on the platform and CloudGeometry’s delivery expertise, we are fully equipped to offer expert-level consulting, managed software development, systems modernization, and managed cloud services. The platform will continue to power CloudGeometry teams and provide team set-up and management development services to new clients worldwide. As I think is essential, I am really enthusiastic to continue my own AI knowledge development journey and encourage all our professionals to explore new AI-assisted technologies to become top experts in these exciting times.

At CloudGeometry, we're excited about this new chapter with Nicu Bordea steering UpTeam. His innovative leadership and our shared commitment set us on a course for both exciting challenges and remarkable successes in the industry. With Nicu's guidance, we're ready to explore new heights of innovation and achievement.

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