How We
Select & Vet


Once we have your project information, our multi-stage position matching and vetting process is launched. You are welcome to participate at every stage.


We check all required tech expertise, communication skills, candidates' availability.
We can launch Full Stack teams in as few as 2 weeks
(or less).

UpTeam Managed Expert Full-Stack Development

All Candidates on the UpTeam Talent Platform are pre-vetted by our TalentOps & Engineering Experts

Introductory video call

personalityinterestsexperiencecommunication skillsleadershipownership

Credentials check

high schooluniversitydegreescoursescertificaitons

Background check

passportresidencytaxwork permitpolice report

Work experience check

managers contactscompanies checkrecommendations

We conduct ongoing interviews with software development professionals for all open positions, including those with in-demand skills such as NodeJS, ReactJS, .NET, Python, DevOps, MLOps, and DataOps. We add those who pass the tests to our platform.

The Perfect Match

While we are working with you to test and interview candidates, we also promote your company and positions broadly to even more tech experts. Their interest, curiosity, and drive are a major part of your future success.


We present your company & positions to  attract proven European tech experts


Your Company, Product, Goals, and Culture


Required Technology expertise: depth & breadth


Role responsibilities


Communication schedule


Growth opportunities

Top software developers have many options available to them.

It's why our TalentOps team works with you to present your company & projects in the best possible light. The more compelling & detailed information you can provide, the more likely you are to attract the most talented developers on our platform.

Start with your dream team vision

You can submit your team org chart, or let our SA group review your projects and help you to evaluate the needed skills, team structure, and project timelines.

Customize tests for each position

Our Engineering Manager will incorporate your tests into our interviews or work with you on creating a custom interview schedule.

Start with our standards questionnaires & coding tests

Enrich with your questions & coding exercises

Define interviews stages & roles

Set interviews & decision timelines

Pick champions to join your team

Some team members will be able to start earlier than others. Our Project or Customer Success manager will keep a track of all the timelines & onboarding processes.

Conduct an optional video interview with each candidate.

We always offer to have one of our long-term developers or project managers join your team to ensure a smooth onboarding process for new team members.

Hiring is just the beginning

We remain committed to helping you obtain the necessary expertise and supporting team members in growing their technical & communication skills.

Learning & Development

Our TalentOps managers establish personal L&D goals and plans for all team members based on your technology stack and product roadmap.

Communications Clinic

We are fluent in English, of course. Still, every firm has its own unique communications culture; we also see to it that your new hires are ready to fit right in.

Architectural Leadership

Our central Solution Architecture Group helps the team members to keep abreast of new cloud technologies and agile development practices.

Motivation Boost

Aligning business goals with career goals is essential to ensure motivation and productivity. We help to make this match and guarantee success.

Progress Tracking

We conduct weekly reviews with project leads and managers to check the team's progress toward the set goals and assist the team to stay on track.

Project Management

Our project managers and scrum masters can join the team and drive development and organization projects across time zones.

"Our team has fine-tuned those skills through numerous successful engagements, enabling our clients to successfully launch a new product"

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