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FullStack and Cloud Native solutions - from Europe, with Global Reach

UpTeam Managed Expert Full-Stack Development

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Seamless Team Augmentation

All our developers are experienced in working with US driven technology companies from Silicon Valley start-ups to R&Ds of F500 corporations. Active participation in daily stand-ups, Git, Slack and Jira etiquette are pre-requisites to become UpTeamer

Custom Agile Solutions

Flexibility and efficiency are at the Core of Our Services. Teams or added developers - solutions in 48h. You can confidently plan your product roadmap and completely rely on the team experience covering the full SDLC from UX to SRE.

R&D Center of Excellence

Our turnkey Build Operate and Transfer solution is designed for established US-based technology companies that are looking to establish remote centers of excellence in Europe and access the best engineering talent.

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Accelerance Certified

Top Technology Services Company in Europe with proven experience in serving US technology driven businesses.

Packaged Team Solutions

With top cloud expertise under experienced management

End-to-End Software Delivery &
AI transformation

Level Up Your Development Process with Agile IDP and Kubernetes on OSS or AWS Stack

Full-Stack SaaS

A mesh of UX, Mobile, Web, Backend and DevOps pros with top knowledge of SaaS systems and data architecture.

DataOps and MLOps

Data Engineers with experience in building and running data-analytics and data science pipelines.

Data Science Team

Math, ML & DL experts turning data into insights, building & training model, and driving business value.

Application & workload modernization

Moving to an Enterprise-Ready, Containerized Microservices Architecture

Cloud Upgrades

A team of certified SAs and DevOps with expertise in DBs & Systems migration and cloud native stack upgrades.

Kubernetes Adoption

Moving legacy apps to microservice architecture, containers and K8 with optional PLs transcompilation.

Enterprise Readiness

Well-Architected experts define & implement compliance and due diligence remediations for your systems.

By business &
engineering function

Focus on Your Core Platform and Growth, and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer Success Engineering

Technical managers, data and full stack engineers take care of your systems integration, stability and clients satisfaction.

DevOps as a Service

Our DevOps & SREs ensure CI/CD & production stability and let your developers to enjoy ZeroOps World.

QA as a Service

Certified QA & Test Automation professionals drive automation and maintain up-to-date QA Matrix and Quality Gates.

UpTeam Talent  Platform

Maximizing Remote Team Success
through Transparency in Candidate Selection & Management

With UpTeam® Talent Platform, all Candidates are already pre-vetted by our TalentOps & Engineering Experts

Introductory video call

personalityinterestsexperiencecommunication skillsleadershipownership

Credentials check

high schooluniversitydegreescoursescertifications

Background check

passportresidencytaxwork permitpolice report

Work experience check

managers contactscompanies checkrecommendations

We conduct ongoing interviews with software development professionals for all open positions, including those with in-demand skills such as NodeJS, ReactJS, .NET, Python, DevOps, MLOps and DataOps. We add those who pass the tests to our platform.

UpTeam Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Experience & Reach across Local Talent Markets

Pre-screened candidates DB with 10K+ candidates with experience working in US companies, and a network of recruiters and agencies covering 12 countries and 2M+ software developers.

Top Cloud Engineering
Expertise & Excellence

Our local development, DevOps and QA Managers can run the projects, teams, interview new team members, and keep the technical knowledge up to the top industry standards.

US-Based Business Operations/Compliance

We bring 10+ years experience in working with Big Tech, FinTech, HealthTech, and provide teams and technologies prepared for due-diligences and ISO, SOC2, HITRUST and HIPPA certifications.

Start building your team with UpTeam

Our team of cloud experts is ready to help you with your next development initiative. If you’re ready to discuss your next project, schedule a free call with one of our cloud advisors today!

EU: Nicu Bordea


US: Michael Philip

Group CEO & Founder