UpTeam builds   dedicated software development teams for US & UK tech companies

We are Engineering and DevOps Pros with top-tier
expertise in AWS and Open Source technologies.

What is our Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) Help Us Evaluate And Measure Customer Loyalty And Discover Areas For Improvement.

UpTeam Net Promoter Score


UpTeam currently holds an 89% Net Promoter Score for Customer Satisfaction.

Industry Average Net Promoter Score


We offer managed services and certified cloud experts

Team & development center setup

Proving expertise in serving US/UK tech companies and VC-funded startups. We understand the product & startup lifecycles and help you at all stages

Talent Platform with customized profiling

10K+ pre-vetted professionals, ready to pass your coding tests. Experience TalentOps team to assist you and candidates on every interviewing and onboarding step.

Top AWS and CNCF expertise

We are AWS, HashiCorp, JFrog, Salesforce Consulting Partners, FinOps and Cloud Native Computing Foundation members and contributors to many Open Source initiatives

DevOps-driven development & delivery

UpTeam® is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CloudGeometry, a full-stack expert cloud engineering & consulting services company.

Run by TalentOps & DevOps experts 

Proven experience in setting development teams in Europe for US & UK tech businesses.
Nicu Bordea
Nicu brings 15 years of experience across European and global software industry leaders, creating teams across technical project execution and services delivery management. Certified in Agile delivery methodology and Scrum programme management. He leads our delivery and team operations from Cluj-Napoca, the “Silicon Valley” of Central & Eastern Europe.
Michael Philip
Group CEO & Founder
Michael has built successful technology startups, and launched acclaimed B2B & B2C products at big Silicon Valley companies. He founded UpTeam® to help other executives & entrepreneurs close the gap between product vision and successful software products delivery.
David Fishman
VP Products & Services
David is a Silicon Valley executive with several decades of experience driving product marketing and product management at companies innovating in IT and cloud infrastructure, analytics, and open source. He has led alliance and demand gen operations at multiple startups and large public companies.
Valentin Smirnov
VP Engineering
An experienced technical executive and engineering manager, Valentin left a promising career as a hands-on coder building speech recognition systems to build and lead software development teams for global companies. He is fluent in four languages (Finnish, Russian, French, and English) with formal graduate academic training in 5 more, and plays a mean electric guitar.
Alex Ulyanov
A distinguished system architect and hands-on engineering exec, Alex has built and run systems for IoT, AdTech, SaaS and more. Driven by both passion for new technologies and the experience of proving how (and if) they work, he leads by example. He has designed and implemented many solutions and platforms, ranging from start-up MVPs to global enterprises.
Anna Palekhova
Talent Business Partner
15+ years of experience with building high-performing teams and helping people evolve in cloud organisations. Anna defines, develops, and leads projects to optimize recruitment strategy, and builds efficient state‑of‑the‑art recruiting processes. She is a strategic partner for the management team with a strong business understanding and passion for people.
Kirill Bokov
Client Engagement Manager
With an Engineering background, Kirill is Operations and Project Manager at heart, focusing on projects delivery and quality across our projects. His Agile background and experience, make him a passionate leader that deals with the client technology and scaling teams that deliver under tight deadlines, the best quality apps.
Elena Veteleanu
HR Business Partner
Elena best combinesthe TalentOps passion with a true care for career development. With several acreditations in Career Coaching, she plays an essential role in the development and implementation of effective communication plans both internally and externally, successfully promoting one of the company's most important values ​​- open communication.

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Bring UpTeam to your country and software developer community, and take on a leadership role in TalentOps for the global software industry
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Find about the things that matter to us

Mission & Values

To accelerate technology businesses agility with high-performance software development teamsTo create opportunities for talented engineers to work together with top industry experts and join fast-growing global tech companies

To create.

Opportunities for talented engineers to work together with top industry experts and join fast-growing global tech companies.

To accelerate.

Technology businesses agility with high-performance software development teams.



We are driven by our client’s goals. We believe that providing services for clients is about providing high-quality results that drive the client’s business..



We share the passion and curiosity of entrepreneurs. We invest emotion, time, and budget to find better ways to work together as a team.



We are here to do great work. We create space in which ideas are clarified, agreed upon, executed, and learned from. In this space, we transform our ideas into excellent results that no one of us could achieve individually.


Open Communication

We value positive and negative feedback based on honesty, integrity, and respect. In all communication, internal or external, we turn feedback into an actionable plan for constant improvement—regardless of role, rank, or experience.



We understand that keeping up in an ever-changing environment and facing ambitious goals is challenging. And we always remember that each of us is a human being with unique aspirations, feelings, concerns, and motivations. We are thankful every day for the opportunity to work together.

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EU: Nicu Bordea


US: Michael Philip

Group CEO & Founder