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Dynamic Silicon Valley companies or projects for the next unicorn


Clear learning & development plans with focus on AWS certification to upgrade your experience


Support from experienced and certified seniors devs backed by CTO-level vision to boost your career

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Level Up your career and join UpTeamWe are a flexible engineering organization, working with engineersDynamic Silicon Valley companies or projects for the next unicornClear learning & development plans with focus on AWS certification to upgrade your experienceSupport from experienced and certified seniors devs backed by CTO-level vision to boost your career

we embrace diversity

We are a flexible engineering organization, working with engineers

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Mission & Values


To create

Opportunities for talented engineers to work together with top industry experts and join fast-growing global tech companies.

To accelerate

Technology businesses agility with high-performance software development teams.



We are driven by our client’s goals. We believe that providing services for clients is about providing high-quality results that drive the client’s business..



We share the passion and curiosity of entrepreneurs. We invest emotion, time, and budget to find better ways to work together as a team.



We are here to do great work. We create space in which ideas are clarified, agreed upon, executed, and learned from. In this space, we transform our ideas into excellent results that no one of us could achieve individually.


Open Communication

We value positive and negative feedback based on honesty, integrity, and respect. In all communication, internal or external, we turn feedback into an actionable plan for constant improvement—regardless of role, rank, or experience.



We understand that keeping up in an ever-changing environment and facing ambitious goals is challenging. And we always remember that each of us is a human being with unique aspirations, feelings, concerns, and motivations. We are thankful every day for the opportunity to work together.

What UpTeamers say


“UpTeam is a truly amazing place to work, offering employees unparalleled opportunities for growth and development. The company's commitment to continuous development and growth creates a culture of excellence, where every team member is empowered to reach their full potential. As an HRBP with a passion for making a real impact, I am thrilled to be a part of UpTeam and support its mission of creating a workplace where employees thrive.”


Talent Manager


“I joined UpTeam after working in prestigious tech organizations. I am encouraged to share ideas and lead our design efforts in a way that improved the user experience and brought real value to our clients. I enjoy it in UpTeam also because I am provided with access to the latest technologies and we are working so that we could create products and experiences that met our customers' needs.”


UX / Design Lead


“When I came to UpTeam, I realized that it is at a completely different level... A friendly atmosphere where everyone is always ready to help, and open communication with management and the CEO. From continuous collaboration in the development of project roadmaps through to the implementation of well-architected solutions, it all makes UpTeam the right place to grow!”


Senior Project Manager


“A few years ago I had just graduated from university, I wanted to start my career and really study. Today, I'm the lead Python developer at a cool social media startup based in San Francisco. UpTeam® gave me all the help and support I needed to prove myself. Here I always feel challenged with new, interesting, fun projects.”


Senior Python Developer


“UpTeam provides me with the flexibility I need to work from anywhere. As a QA engineer, working for a US tech company, I must say that my experience has been exceptional. The used tools have enabled me to streamline my testing process and have helped me to quickly and easily verify the functionality built by our international teams. Although I am mostly working with  remote teams, with UpTeam I can still provide consistent results for the project.”


Senior Quality Engineer

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UpTeam is a place to quickly grow experience & cool skills
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Why engineers like UpTeam

Competitive compensation
& above market salary

For top performers, profit-sharing bonuses for top results.

Medical benefits

Your health matters to us. We offer the benefits of sick leave (paid time off) and insurance in locations where we have offices.

Business to Business or regular employment

We have designed flexible contracting types that respond to all needs, regardless of your location.

Learning & Development

Personal development plan for every Upteamer; structured guidance to help achieve personal & team goals.

Coaching & Mentoring

Partner with senior staff, define & practice new skills, and turn situational challenges into opportunities.

Flexible working hours

We bet on smart people who get it done. Alignment meetings are vital; you set the schedule for the rest.

A range of career opportunities

A great mix of products & markets, with top tech pros on both sides of the ocean to keep your skills fresh.

Funded sports activities

If you are passionate about some games and activities, let us know and we can subsidize them.

Fun Events

Picnics, hikes, boating, sports, beer, wine, painting lessons, great people to hang with after work!

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