UpTeam Romania


European talent in a prestigious academic centre

A bridge between cultures and a unique combination of interconnected communities, world-class technical universities, and record-high VC investments, Romania is already known as an elite technology talent pool.


The most “business friendly” Romanian city focused on Tech innovation.


Smart city with support from local authorities to grow business here.

With UpTeam, you can hire or get
your next Development Center in no time

Vibrant IT community​​

30,000 IT & services professionals working for UK/US/European markets.

90% of the people speak English.

Major academic center​, 1st rank in Romania

150,000+ students living in the city.

3,000 IT & Services graduates / year.

Business infrastructure

Direct flights to many European cities​​.

Several flights per day to major capitals
(2.5 hours travel to London).

Top provider for IT&C European employees

Romania as part of the Balkan region, makes the top 3 countries in Europe, holding 20% of the total IT&C employees from Central and Eastern Europe. On top of a favourable law for Software development services, has a score index of 81.9, according to assessments made by HackerRank.

Use UpTeam Development hub

Benefit from a great talent pool that is accessible for your SaaS product or services company. Through our network, we are able to attract and hire top engineers also in countries such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, just to name a few.

UpTeam Cluj-Napoca

Your next Development Center

Friendliness with foreigners

“Highest economic growth rate in Romania in the last decade.”

Forbes, 2018

English Proficiency

“Romania is 6th in Europe and 16th worldwide on English proficiency.”

EF Global proficiency English, 2018

Quality of Life

“Best ranked Romanian city in the Quality of Life Index.”

Numbeo, 2019

Most attractive city

“Highest Romanian city magnetism index value.”

World Bank, 2017
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Start building your team with UpTeam

Our team of cloud experts is ready to help you with your next development initiative. If you’re ready to discuss your next project, schedule a free call with one of our cloud advisors today!

EU: Nicu Bordea


US: Michael Philip

Group CEO & Founder

Frequently asked questions

What type of employment contract is used? Employment or B2B?

Already having our Development Center in Cluj and a legal entity to operate in Romania, both types of contracts are possible, depending on your preferences.

What is UpTeam's hiring process?

Any successful employee story starts with the way they were approached by recruiters or company representatives. We are making sure that we engage with you differently and that you go through a fast and effective process. After screening, we will invite you to a HR Interview, to make sure we align our interests. The next step is the Tech Evaluation, then on to the Tech Interview and last, but not least, the Culture & Fit Interview, which is the most informal and fun.

Does UpTeam ask for a comission after I get hired on a project?

As we are a consulting & development company, we consider every member of our community as part of our company and we do not require payments from you. This is also why we invest time and effort into creating development programs for all our employees. Your success is our success!

What is the typical length of a project or contract?

The average tenure in UpTeam is 5 years, but you can also be involved in short-term engagements. Usually, employees who start on a short project end up being full-time collaborators and part of our community. The lenght of our relationship will be up to you.

Where do I have to work from?

Our Development Center in Cluj is open to receive you, but if you feel more comfortable working from home, we support that too. You can also choose to work from the many shared workspaces we collaborate with and meet new interesting people.