Development Center Set Up & BOT

Our turnkey Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) solution is tailored for established US-based technology companies aiming to create a self-sufficient Engineering Center of Excellence – to deliver both external and internal services and foster growth of talent and expertise.

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UpTeam Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Experience & Reach across Local Talent Markets

Pre-screened candidates DB with 10K+ candidates with experience working in US companies, and a network of recruiters and agencies covering 12 countries and 2M+ software developers.

Top Cloud Engineering
Expertise & Excellence

Our local Development, DevOps, and QA managers are available to manage projects and teams, interview new team members, and keep technical knowledge up to the best industry standards.

US Based Management
& Compliance

We bring 10+ years of experience in working with Big Tech, FinTech, and HealthTech, and provide teams and technologies prepared for due diligence and ISO, SOC2, HITRUST, and HIPPA certifications.

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Accelerance Certified

Top Technology Services Company in Europe with proven experience in serving US technology driven businesses.

We take TalentOps seriously

UpTeam Talent Platform & Transparency

Our open solution for resource planning, recruiting, training, and skills testing


Team & Org Building Tools


Candidates profiles and skills search


Candidates funnel for each position


Customizable HackerRank-powered coding test


Resource Planning Tools


Open channel to our TalentOps and Engineering Management professionals

Development Center Benefits

Employer of record

We can offer compliance and legal support to hire in most European countries.

Speed of hiring

We can get teams embedded in your projects from 48 hours after starting.

Engineering Company

You will be working with experienced software engineers that can scale your teams.

Management support

We are entrepreneurs that understand software and business challenges and find solutions.

Market knowledge

Our Talent Operations & recruitment partner network can find the right resources every time.


Because you need to focus on your vision.


You will always maintain the knowledge and IP on all the artifacts we will build for you.

Operational symbiosis

Do you have office security compliance requirements? No problem. Your processes? Sure.

UpTeam locations

Office and Hybrid Mode

With our Hybrid Mode, we address a broader talent pool and organize quarterly team get-togethers and planning sessions in one of our locations. Our locations ensure easy access to the EU market, with flexible employment laws that match the requirements of our agile industry. This allows for seamless relocations and a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Budva & Tivat

Remote Development Center FAQ

What are the major differences between Managed Team and DevCenter services?

UpTeam's managed remote development team consists of 5 or more software professionals who work collaboratively with the client's technology team on various projects or handle one or more engineering or business functions. With over 10 years of experience working with high-velocity US technology startups, we are well-versed in growing and adapting teams to ever-changing product requirements. UpTeam project managers and TalentOps oversee these teams, which can be tightly integrated with the client's business and engineering processes. The majority of UpTeam's engagements involve dedicated development teams. DevCenter is a service designed for more established companies interested and capable in long-term resource planning. Examples of DevCenter plans might include building a complete software engineering department responsible for creating and supporting specific products, or setting up a ProServ department. The primary objective of a DevCenter engagement is to establish a self-sufficient company subsidiary capable of hiring top professionals in the local market, delivering services, and retaining talent and expertise. With a clear long-term plan in place, UpTeam managers build the required organizational structure by selecting professionals who are interested in and capable of growing their careers within the client's organization. UpTeam establishes local recruiting activities and promotes the client's employer brand in the local market. Additionally, UpTeam sets up or helps develop all necessary development, DevOps, support, and learning & development processes.

What is the typical term for an UpTeam DevCenter engagement?

DevCenter engagements typically span 12-36 months, with the initial 12 months dedicated to setting up the team, growing it to 50 or more professionals, transferring knowledge, and establishing local operations. Over the subsequent 12 to 24 months, activities focus on integrating the team into the company's core culture and processes, building the local employer brand, refining operations and services, and ultimately transitioning the DevCenter to the company's management

Why do you require a minimum planned team size of 50?

The recommended minimum team size of 50 is essential for creating a self-sufficient, sustainable team that can adapt to changes and maintain a credible presence in the local job market. For smaller teams, opting for Dedicated Teams is advised, as they can also be tightly integrated with the company's processes and organization

Who manages the DevCenter after the transition?

After the transition, UpTeam can offer services to continue managing the center as a third-party recruiting, accounting, and general business administration agency, or assist you in establishing local services yourself.

Whom can I contact to ask more questions about the DevCenter option?

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