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Affordable, European based engineers, ATQA, DevOps and SRE


Proven experience in Agile Collaboration with Silicon Valley VC Funded Tech Startups & Fortune 500 R&D Teams

Full time employees,  not freelancers

Remote work certified

UpTeam Managed Expert Full-Stack Development

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Our solution is open & available to UpTeam clients & partners
Over 10K vetted software professionals
Complimentary team creation & candidate selection tools
Comprehensive management of employee career and skills development objectives
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Accelerance Certified

Top Technology Services Company in Europe with proven experience in serving US technology driven businesses.

Packaged Team Solutions

With top cloud expertise under experienced management

Software delivery &
AI transformation

Level Up Your Development Process with Agile IDP and K8S on OSS or AWS Stack

Full-Stack SaaS

A mesh of UX, Mobile, Web, Backend, and DevOps pros with proven experience in SaaS systems and data architecture.

DataOps and MLOps

Data Engineers with experience in building and running data analytics and data science pipelines.

Data Science Team

Math, ML & DL experts turning data into insights, building & training models, and driving business value.

Application & workload modernization

Moving to an Enterprise-Ready, Containerized Microservice Architecture

Cloud Upgrades

A team of certified SAs and DevOps with expertise in DBs & Systems migration and cloud-native stack upgrades.

Kubernetes Adoption

Moving legacy apps to microservices architecture, containers, and K8S with optional PLs transcompilation.

Enterprise Readiness

Well-Architected experts define & implement compliance and due diligence remediations for your systems.

Business domains
& engineering functions

Focus on your Core Platform and Growth, and Improve Clients Satisfaction

Customer Success Engineering

Technical managers, data, and full-stack engineers take care of your systems integration, stability, and client satisfaction.

DevOps as a Service

Our DevOps & SREs ensure CI/CD & production stability and let your developers enjoy ZeroOps World.

QA as a Service

Certified QA & ATQA professionals drive automation and maintain up-to-date QA Matrix and Quality Gates.

UpTeam Development centres

On-site or remote

Most of our clients are US technology companies with experienced managers and professionals on the East and West Coasts. We augment their capabilities with a global development team for agile collaboration around the clock. Every day we hold 2 daily stand-ups:


At 11:00 am CET run by our CS Manager


At 9:00 am PST run by clients and partners managers

Budva & Tivat

How to Build Your Team

Our TalentOps & Solution Architect experts will assist you with every step

Why tech businesses choose UpTeam
to power their remote development

Top Cloud Expertise

We are the only staffing and team augmentation company that is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with extensive experience collaborating with AWS R&D on building native AWS services such as SaaS Factory and Resilience Hub

Proven Talent Pool

10K+ database of pre-screened candidates are interested to join teams at UpTeam clients. We continuously search for software developers in Europe experienced in working for US tech firms and run rigorous coding and live programming tests

Top Tier Management

Our founding and management team brings product and business management expertise from top Silicon Valley tech companies. We understand startups and full product lifecycles and know what it takes meet your expectations for a remote team

Your Remote Team Timeline

Agile teams of 4-5 developers are built & deployed within 2–4 weeks.
With the guidance of our Engineering Managers and TalentOps experts, we ensure continuous team growth and training to ensure that the necessary skills and talents are always available to meet the needs of your product and business roadmap.

Our Engineering Managers and Tech Evaluators present you with profiles to benchmark your requirements

Next day

5+ candidates for each position. Start with interviews and team member onboarding

Next week

Complete the team of 5–10 developers. Run bi-weekly sprints. Confidently plan the deliverables of the project.

Next month

UpTeam's TalentOps will manage your team's growth, hiring timeline, and training to ensure the provision of necessary skills and resources to execute your product roadmap

Next year

How we differ
from other options on the market

Outsourcing Firms
Recruiting Agencies & Platforms (with "AI Matching")

Team Augmentation

add skills & expertise to your existing agile development team

Dedicated Teams

taking complete care of a project, engineering, or business function

Dedicated Centers & BOT

your cost-effective innovation center and software factory

Top Technical Expertise

by AWS, CNCF, SaaS, Salesforce, and FinOps-certified professionals


Certified Solution Architect Support

helping dev teams adhere to Well-Architecture principles.


Internal Developer Platform Training

a unified CI/CD allowing your dev to operate in ZeroOps from Day 1

DevOps as a Service

Kubernetes configuration, 24/7 support, and cost optimization


QA as a Service

ensuring new release's quality & driving test automation


UX as a Service

keeping Web and Mobile apps up to the modern standards


TalentOps as a Service

Ensuring high retention and motivation through personal development plans

Tested Candidates Platform

HackerRank tests & with proactive prescreening for your technology stack


Full-Time Employment

EOR & benefits administration under local laws


Start building your team with UpTeam

Our team of cloud experts is ready to help you with your next development initiative.

EU: Nicu Bordea


US: Michael Philip

Group CEO & Founder