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NodeJS, VueJS, React, Python, R, Java, .NET, Kotlin, Swift, Terraform


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Salesforce, Kafka, Spark, MongoDB, AWS, Azure, ArgoCD, Kubernetes


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FinTech, eCommerce, HealthTech, Marketplaces, Data Platforms, AI

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Why do great professionals join the UpTeam Talent Platform?

— They see new CloudTech, interesting products in well-funded US and UK firms, and unmatched professional growth prospects in a supportive group of industry experts.

Throughout my 20+ years in IT recruitment, I've never seen candidates as enthusiastic as when they interact with our tech leadership and delve into our in-house Open Source projects.


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Pre-screened candidates on our platform today and growing daily through continuous community engagement, referrals, and testing initiatives.
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How can I get access to the platform and start building my team?

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UpTeam Talent Platform is Free for IT Managers planning new projects and teams. No credit card or email is required.

Build your team roster

Our Talent Platform offers an Open Guest Mode, providing you with easy-to-use tools to build a team roster tailored to your development and support projects. Design an org chart, list open positions, reference existing job descriptions, or choose a project type from the list, or  reach out to work with a Team Formation Professional who can do it for you.

Select professionals

The Platform will automatically match available developers to your open positions. You can also search our database and add the developers of your choice to your candidates list. Our specialist will help you to pick the right team players to work effectively with your current leaders and team members.

Launch & Run Weekly Sprints

Our teams are well-versed in the DevOps-driven development process, enabling them to hit the ground running on Day 2 with our pre-configured Internal Developer Platform. Your dedicated Team Formation Specialist will assist you in onboarding the new team, conducting knowledge transfer sessions, and remains engaged to ensure success across your software initiatives.

Start building your team with UpTeam

Our team of cloud experts is ready to help you with your next development initiative. If you’re ready to discuss your next project, schedule a free call with one of our cloud advisors today!

EU: Nicu Bordea


US: Michael Philip

Group CEO & Founder