April 11, 2024

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Tetrascience - AWS Mastery in Scientific Research

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Managing tons of data can feel like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded. However, using Upteam TalentHub, CloudGeometry effectively tackled the challenge with a solution both creative and crucial. Our client, TetraScience is a health tech innovator and data integration platform, specifically designed to enhance scientific research by transforming raw data into actionable, AI-ready datasets for the scientific community. They're making sure that scientists can focus more on breaking new ground and less on wrestling with their data. Partnering with AWS through us, they're addressing one of the trickiest parts of the puzzle: making cloud multitenancy work like a charm.

The Real Challenge: Keeping Everyone Happy

Imagine trying to plan a party that’s perfect for every single guest. Sounds impossible, right? That's the kind of challenge TetraScience faces. They offer labs and researchers two options:  the flexibility to either ride solo with their own Tetra Science instance or join the collective power of the Tetra Science Cloud. It’s a great idea because it gives everyone the flexibility to choose what works best for them and it also shows the platform's versatility and commitment to meeting diverse user needs. 

Managing multitenancy is like balancing multiple plates in the air. Each user, each lab, comes with its own set of needs, preferences, and administrative requirements. Despite sharing the same infrastructure, each entity must function as if in its isolated realm. Ensuring their needs are met without conflict is quite a challenge.

Teaming Up with UpTeam to Crack the Code

Faced with these hurdles, TetraScience didn't quit. Instead, they joined forces with us, exploring clever approaches to streamline operations for everyone involved. Our approach was rooted in using AWS's robust capabilities to craft solutions that were not only effective but also elegant in their simplicity. We planned to quickly put together a specialist team from our vast TalentHub in Europe and Latin America, one that knows the ins and outs of working with AWS services, especially in cloud computing and managing data. Being AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and listed on AWS Marketplace gives us access to the best resources available both in technology as well as experts to handle it. 

We got to work and quickly found the perfect fit - a certified Solutions Architect skilled in AWS, ready to take the lead. In just a few weeks, we had our expert on board and diving into the project. Our teamwork focused on using our deep knowledge of AWS to create intelligent, straightforward solutions on the basis of conducting a WAFR with our customer, to deep dive into the details. We did not just focus on making things work, we wanted them to align perfectly, easily, and efficiently - from operational excellence to cost optimisation. We wanted TetraScience's cloud setup to be easy to scale, manage data smoothly, and keep everything secure, all while making sure users got a great experience.

Here's how we did it:

Making Sign-In a Breeze

First off, we tackled the sign-in process. Thanks to AWS Cognito, we set up a Single Sign-On (SSO) system. It's like having one key that unlocks everything you need, cutting down on the headache of remembering a million passwords. AWS Cognito served as the perfect middleware, offering a seamless bridge between users and their cloud-based scientific resources, thereby slashing administrative overhead and enhancing user satisfaction.

Speeding Up Data Management

Then, there's the data - loads of it.  The mission was clear - they needed a way to move it fast and accurately, ensuring it's always ready for analysis. Our solution? A high-speed pipeline engineered to handle more than 1000 files per second, powered by AWS Glue - a tool that lets them handle data like pros, moving thousands of files per second without breaking a sweat. Our design catered to the enormous volume of data characteristic of scientific research, ensuring a smooth flow from equipment to AWS S3, and then to the database for analysis. This setup optimized data management, setting a new standard for data handling in scientific research.

Keeping Costs Down

Lastly, we turned our attention to the ever-important aspect of cost. We found clever ways to keep things affordable, as our mutual goal was to deliver top-tier services without the premium price tag. By devising tools to track and enhance resource utilization, we achieved significant cost savings while maintaining high standards. These tools provided essential insights into resource usage, helping identify and eliminate wasteful expenditures. This strategy saved thousands of dollars monthly, proving that efficiency and economy can indeed go hand-in-hand.

The Impact: A Smoother Ride for Scientists

Thanks to these efforts, navigating the TetraScience platform has become smoother than ever. Scientists can dive into their work without getting bogged down by logistical nightmares, which is a win for everyone involved. One of the most immediate impacts of our solutions was on the user experience. By implementing SSO with AWS Cognito, we effectively eliminated the barriers to entry for users, making their journey into the TetraScience platform as smooth as silk. The result? A more engaging, user-friendly platform that scientists and researchers could rely on for their critical work, without the usual digital hassles. The robustness, security, and efficiency we integrated into their system have advanced TetraScience's operational capabilities and also significantly broadened their service horizons. This balance between quality and affordability is key in an industry where innovation is relentless and the efficient use of resources can make all the difference.

Thanks to these improvements, TetraScience now stands as a reliable partner for high-profile clients like Pfizer and Merck. These industry giants, known for their stringent requirements and high expectations, can now make use of TetraScience's platform with even greater confidence, knowing that it is powered by state-of-the-art AWS solutions and UpTeam's expertise.

The Bottom Line

The collaboration between CloudGeometry and UpTeam Talent Hub has propelled TetraScience beyond conventional problem-solving within AWS. By synergizing profound technical expertise with a keen grasp of our client's requirements, we've exemplified how the right approach and tools can transform formidable challenges into avenues for innovation. Whether it's through UpTeam's application modernization expertise, UpTeam Talent Hub's experts in Kubernetes adoption proficiency, or their combined efforts in ensuring secure multi-tenancy, our professional teams are dedicated to empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of the cloud. 

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