April 4, 2023

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Build Operate and Transfer to your own Development Center

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One aspect of nearshoring or technology partnering, is the concept of Build Operate and Transfer. Our turnkey Build Operate and Transfer solution designed for established US based technology companies who are looking to establish remote European operations and access the best engineering talent. So from startup companies that want to test their business idea, to enterprises that want to scale in new markets, we can do it for you with our BOT solution.

It’s actually a great advantage for companies that are usually product or service focused, to have the opportunity to take over a fully functional entity that is located in a different country, without having to deal with the complex and challenging process of setting it up. And without having to tackle the obstacles that come along with establishing and organizing the subsidiary as well.

As a modus operandi BOT contains everything you need to know regarding the way that it works, even from how it’s named:

  • A specialized company builds it  for you taking into account all the special characteristics your company has.
  • That company, together with you and your leadership, operates it and focuses into increasing teams and required skills.
  • Should you chose to pursue owning that entity, the final phase would be to transfer it.

Upteam is a partner that engages in such contractual agreements, with the obligation of setting up, running the established subsidiary, and transferring the entity, along with all of its assets and rights that surround it, over to its customers

Even by only looking at the definition of BOT, it is clear that this outsourcing strategy saves contracting companies a lot of resources that equals time and money. And on this note, let’s analyze this aspect further and see exactly how the build-operate-transfer model benefits businesses by enabling them to preserve their much needed resources.

Build-operate-transfer model is a cost-efficient solution, there is no doubt about it.

When choosing the BOT model, companies, after a period of time, can choose to legally own the team hired, into an entity fully operated by them. The latter has access to an already built talent pool, and can provide its clients with the desired appropriate experts; thus, hiring companies get to save up on labor costs, and it does not end here. Contracting businesses avoid expenses that revolve around the recruitment process, along with those occasioned by onboarding and training as well.

Another important aspect that we have to mention is that the build-operate-transfer model does not only offer short-term cost savings, but it also provides hiring companies with long-term cost reductions. The acquired talent can speed up and streamline processes, accelerating time-to-market, while, at the same time minimizing errors and avoiding costs that would have arisen throughout a delayed project.

Build-operate-transfer model saves time.   

Establishing an IT subsidiary in a completely different country is a difficult task, but luckily, you do not have to waste any time searching for office spaces, setting up networks, acquiring equipment, or doing anything that office maintenance implies. Instead UpTeam will be dealing with all of this, and because we already know legal implications of the market, you will have your entity up and running in no time.

When it comes to your remote team’s members, by leaving recruitment and onboarding in our hands, you will not only be saving up on labor costs, as we have seen before, but you will also be avoiding spending time on these tiresome processes. On top of this, your remote specialists will be prepared to continue working on your projects seamlessly, even after the subsidiary is transferred to the hiring company. In this sense, there is no need to allocate any amounts of time to accommodation, as the newly acquired professionals will already be up to date with your working styles and objectives.

Build-operate-transfer mode allows companies to manage resources more efficiently.

Given that the build-operate-transfer model enables contracting businesses to save tons of resources, customer companies can redirect their time, money, management resources, and attention more towards core activities. And companies have everything to gain from this.

From the investments in better equipment or those in digital transformation, to the fresh perspective that internal employees may gain, as they have more time to be creative and come up with innovative ideas, the BOT model enables businesses to focus more on essential matters and thus, come closer to achieving their goals.

So from local talent markets knowledge to the best cloud, SaaS and full stack expertise, Upteam can deliver your Development Center. We bring 10+ years experience in working with Big Tech, FinTech, HealthTech, and provide teams and technologies prepared for due-diligences and ISO, SOC2, HITRUST and HIPAA certifications.

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