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A seasoned Mobile Engineer with a rich history of working internationally (Brazil, US, UK, India, Argentina), I developed cutting-edge mobile applications using React Native, iOS (SwiftUI) and Android (Java). My journey in tech spans various roles, from development to team management, where I've consistently driven innovation and efficiency.



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Frontend Developer

TypeScript;JavaScript;React;React Native;




    Work Experience

    Mobile Engineer (React Native, iOS, Android), SalsaMobi, 2022 - 2023

    Developed from scratch a React Native app for tablets, guiding users through the checkout process. - Maintained the React Native app for phones (iOS, Android). The Standard Checkout App is currently available on App Stores.

    Software Engineer, contractor, Foxbox Digital, 2021 - 2022

    Foxbox Digital Software Engineer Worked as a contractor in multiple projects. - Mountain Management as a Web Developer using React.JS - Anthem Health Care as a React Native Developer ------- - GLASfunds as a Web Developer using React.JS

    Mobile Engineer (React Native, iOS, Android), SalsaMobi, 2021 - 2023


    Mobile Lead Developer, Partender, 2021 - 2022

    Checkout App is currently available on App Stores. ------- - Maintained the current iOS and Android apps, primarily focusing on bug fixes and releasing new minor features. - Migrated iOS and Android apps to a React Native platform, redeveloping native features with new designs provided in Figma. - Developed a React Native app for trade shows, creating and managing leads for Partender. - Managed sprints, created tasks, led mobile topic review meetings, and oversaw app version management.

    React Native Engineer, remote contractor, CloudDevs, 2020 - 2022

    React Native Engineer Worked as a remote contractor for the following projects: ------- - Dough App - React Native app, to manage a People Commerce. Used Redux, React Navigation, Axios - 12Signs - Developed React Native App, creating from scratch a calendar view to support zodiac calendar. - Bakesy - Urgent contract to develop the InAppPurchases, they had a delivery date but this was not integrated. Also developed some new features on the WebApp using React. - Birtly - React Web App implemented some new features including Slack Bot to create/update/assign cards to users; - Kwilio - React Web App using Redux and GraphQL for a Online Text Editor; - pwrHr - React Web App from scratch, using Figma as Design Guidelines, implemented all the Landing Page and 80% of Admin/User system. - Aberdein Considine - Integrated ReactNative app with the new API version;

    Mobile Software Architect, CTIS Tecnologia, 2019 - 2021

    (2 years 3 months) As the leader of CTIS Mobile Software House, my primary objective was ------- to establish a standard approach for developing fast, reliable, secure, and modern mobile applications, both to enhance existing contracts and to foster new business opportunities. I played a pivotal role in helping CTIS define an architecture using React Native and establish best practices in development. I managed a team of 6 developers located in Brasília and Campina Grande, overseeing a portfolio of 8 mobile apps. - Ministério da Justiça (MJ): Developed two apps; one to expedite forensic analysis and another for individual identification and criminal record checking using Microsoft's Face API. - Banestes: Led the migration of Public Bank's Native Apps to React Native, along with supporting existing native Android and iOS apps. - Caesb: Created an app in a month for inventory registration and management using HMAC cryptography (AES, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512) and barcode identification, and another app to monitor employee health during the COVID pandemic. - Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia (MCTIC): Developed an app within a week to report errors in signal towers for TV and Radio Stations. - PRF: Developed a Flutter app to assist in daily tasks. For every project, I comprehended the customer's needs, designed high-level prototypes, and proposed project schedules using GANTT charts. Throughout these projects, my team and I deployed daily app versions to mitigate stakeholder anxiety, accompanied by changelogs to track progress. I also contributed to the delivery process, guiding the Brazilian Government in establishing best practices for using Brazil's shared Apple Developer account. Tools and Frameworks I Regularly Use: - React Native (Since v0.60) - React Navigation (v3, 4, and 5) - Mobx State Tree (v4 and 5) - Reactotron and Flipper - DETOX and Jest - GitLab, Bitbucket, and SVN - Axure RP (v8 and 9) - GANTT - Slack, Teams, RocketChat

    React/Node Developer, DevSquad, 2017 - 2019

    (2 years 2 months) I worked as remote worldwide developer ------- Worked on the following projects: . GoodPractice as React/Redux developer. Developed APPs using Amazon S3, Cloudfront, Cloudwatch, Route53. Worked as researcher for SSoT and for Jira Kanban better Usage on agile methodologies. . Barlavento as Project Leader and React/Redux developer. . Manx3P as React/Redux and Node.js developer. - Responsive landing page to present the company . OdensUk as React/Redux and Node.js developer - Responsive landing page to present the products available. . AIS Digital as Android Native Developer - Android Native App used as multimedia platform and car setup for air conditioner, vents, maps, play videos, music, define seats profiles. . LTM as Android Native Developer - Android Native App to help users to transform Bank Pontuation into services or products. To develop those Softwares I used the following technologies: * Frontend: - React/Redux WebApp - Java for Android Native Apps * Backend: - Node.js - Restfull API - Infrastructure: - AWS Route 53 (DNS Definition) - AWS S3 (Storage and Static Web Hosting) - AWS CloudWatch (Metrics) - AWS CloudFront (Static data distribution) * Databases: - Mongo (Non relational database) * Project Managment: - Atlasian Jira (Project Managing, Ticket Creation, History definition) * Code Versioning: - Github (Using gitflow as guideline) - Gitlab (As a mirror from GitHub to run build and deploy pipelines) * Prototyping - Invision (Navigated prototypes) - Zeplin (Frontend inputs) * Communication - Slack (As a communication channel)

    Cofounder, Technology & Operations, Onawa, 2017 - 2017

    Technology Operations, responsible for: . Create a communication channel between customers and development team . Care about development team and their needs . Maintain an agile method . Maintain Requirements updated . Create Tech Requirements documents . Keep up the CEO and others aligned with project progress . Create and Maintain project schedules Izie Mobile Marketplace 4 years 1 month

    Cofounder, Operations Director, Izie Mobile Marketplace, 2017 - 2017

    After organizing and giving visibility to the technology area, my role in Izie is to integrate a technology like other areas, with a focus on service as our customer's needs. Delivering not only a quality technological product to the customer but a proper sales structure to increase your sales. The main challenge is to organize this area, creating a model of operations, which is the vision for the clients, in a proactive way, to advance the project and guide the projects over time, from the design, delivery, expansion, and maintenance.

    Cofounder, Project Manager, Izie Mobile Marketplace, 2016 - 2016

    Constant learning has defined stage in Izie, new challenges and a lot of ------- responsibility. The main challenges involved were to organize the technology area, give visibility to the entire team to maintain project requirements, prioritize portfolio projects, maintain staff motivated and aligned with customer needs, establish a win-win relationship between customers and technical staff. It was a time when I look to technology as being a part of the business, and how this area contributes and affects the other areas of the company. Technologies used: - Gantt - Asana - Axure RP 8



    Vinícius Paldes

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