Timofey Tarco

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Versatile and hard-working DevOps engineer with experience in the cloud and in maintaining large-scale software systems.



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AWS Certified Solutions Architect



  • C: Linux kernel patches
  • Python/Bash: Scripting
  • GO: Modify K8s/Microservices
  • Kotlin
  • CI: GitLab, Teamcity
  • Automation: Ansible, Terraform
  • VCS: GitFlow, GitLab, Github, Bitbucket
  • AWS: EC2, A/E/NLB, Route53, EBS/EFS, VPC/VPN, S3, IAM, EKS, ElastiCache, Aurora/RDS, EBS/EFS, CloudFront
  • Oracle Cloud: VM, OKE(K8s), RBAC, VPC/VPN, DB Systems, Filesystem (EFS)
  • K8S: Ingress, nginx/contour/haproxy/alb, Flagger, Linkerd, Calico/Cillium, External Secrets Operator, Docker/ContainerD/CRI-O
  • Storage: HW, RAID/LVM/iSCSI/NFS & almost all linux FS, Ceph
  • Databases: MySQL/MariaDB/Percona, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Redis/KeyDB, Elasticsearch
  • Message Queue: RabbitMQ, Kafka
  • Monitoring: Zabbix, Grafana, Prometheus, Elastic beats, Fluentd, APM

Work Experience

DevOps, Fabros, 2019 - present

  • Support Rancher/K8s infrastructure
  • Support AWS infrastructure
  • Support On Premise KVM based infrastructure
  • Network/EC2/On Premise configuration/Security
  • Support Teamcity infrastructure
  • Manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Move from Rancher v1 -> Rancher v2
  • For cost proporses move some infrastructure to On Promise
  • Create On Premise KVM infrastructure (Proxmox)
  • Build hybrid cross-cloud/on-premise infrastructure
  • Migrate production to Oracle Cloud
  • Migrate everything from on-premise to Oracle Cloud
  • Grow other Engineers to spread responsibility and knowledge
  • Upgrade from 3 delivery per week to 1-2 delivery per day

K8s/DevOps Team, Intransition Group, 2018 - 2020

  • Make our own On Premise K8s
  • Implement/Support deploy K8s on ansible for multiple clusters
  • Implement/Support storage drivers (flex vol for Ceph/Local storage)
  • Trouble shoot linux problems in our setup
  • Manage 4 senior engineers with different specialization (Dev, DBA, Ops)
  • Create CI for our deploy code
  • Implemented stable (for our needs) rbd driver in K8s
  • Write migration from our code to CSI
  • Move everything to K8s that can be moved
  • Integrated LB based on Keepalived (will be replaced)
  • Route ClusterIP traffic to local endpoints if avaliable
  • ProxyLess HA of K8s API
  • Use cri-o instead of docker

Linux Admin, Synesis, 2015 -2018

  • Linux infrastructure
  • NFS Servers/VMware Storage
  • Zabbix infrastructure Monitoring
  • MySQL administrator
  • Linux workstations AD integration
  • Monitoring shine like never before
  • Improved performance on cheap NFS server up to 10x just by RAM cache
  • Our linux infrastructure not painful anymore


Timofey is an exceptional DevOps with a deep understanding of the AWS. He consistently delivered high-quality work and played a key role in developing robust and secure infrastructure. Cloud based or on prem infrastructure, he can manage it and become a valuable asset to any engineering team.

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Timofey Tarco

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