Sergey Zhekpisov

Senior DevOps Engineer
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Strong engineering professional with a Master's Degree focused in Computer Programming. Experienced DevOps Engineer, skilled in DevOps, Continuous Integration, puppet, Linux, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), with an aim to become a Cloud DevOps architect.



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Senior DevOps Engineer



AWS Well-Architected Proficient



  • Linux/Unix, RedHat
  • AWS, Azure, Google cloud (GCP)
  • EC2, RDS, IAM, Route53, S3, VPC, CloudFront, CloudWatch, ECS, EKS,Lambda, API Gateway, SNS, SQS, SES, ElastiCache, Kinesis
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Jenkins
  • GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket
  • Nginx
  • Bash
  • Grafana
  • Docker
  • Terraform, Ansible

Work Experience

Senior DevOps, UpTeam, 2021-present

Project: The first local-focused, full-stack, omnichannel digital advertising platform, a top OTT AdTech company in the US.

  • Maintaining and developing the tech stack and extending it to the entire product ecosystem of the customer
  • Establishing and managing IT security for the project on infrastructure, database and application levels
  • Ensuring seamless communication with the client on DevOps topics
  • Improving existing DevOps processes and technologies used for software deployment, Monitoring, and logging
  • Participating in DevOps architecture and process planning
  • Implementing AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Stack: AWS: EC2, ELB, VPC, RDS, S3, Route53, CloudWatch, ECR, EKS. Docker, Kubernetes.Delta Lake, Aerospike ELK, Graffana, Ansible, Terraform, Helm.Jenkins, Gitlab

Lead Configuration Management Expert, Deutsche Telecom,

DevSecOps Engineer.

Stack: AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Python, Gitlab CI, Kubernetes, Openshift

Senior Team Lead, T-Systems, 2018-2019

  • Leader of 5 Configuration Management engineers, deputy of virtual Configuration Management team leader.
  • Supporting and developing test infrastructure (~50 servers), and deliveries preparation for production operations team
  • Implementing DevOps CI/CD practices (GitLab pipelines + Puppet), Monitoring solutions (Grafana and Kibana), standardizing of environments and automation of processes (Jenkins)
  • Establishing DevOps practices in project, such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Supporting developers in day-to-day development activity

Stack: Java, Git, Gradle, Jenkins, Artifactory, Ansible, Jboss

Software Engineer, Intel Corporation, 2012-2016

  • Embedding and real-time OS enabling, installing and administrating (Android, CELinux, Tizen, Yocto, QNX, WindRiver Linux)
  • Carrying out the virtualization solutions and automation for various hypervisors (Simics, Qemu/KVM, Hyper-V)
  • Carrying out the system administration of Windows and Linux/UNIX systems (RedHat, Debian, FreeBSD, MacOS)


I highly recommend Sergey for his extensive skills in DevOps. Sergey has successfully maintained and improved tech stack, managed IT security, and implemented DevOps processes. His expertise will greatly benefit your organization.

SBG Tech Lead


Sergey Zhekpisov

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