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Leas DevOps Engineer
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With over six years of experience as a Senior/Lead DevOps Engineer at different companies, I am a cloud, CI/CD, and Linux expert who delivers scalable and secure solutions for various clients and projects. I hold AWS and Kubernetes certifications, and I am proficient in using tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, CodePipeline, Terraform, and CloudFormation.



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Leas DevOps Engineer




Senior/Lead DevOps Engineer, EPAM Systems, 2019-present

As a Cloud DevOps Engineer, my role encompasses a stack vital for modern infrastructure:

• AWS Cloud: I architect, deploy, and manage cloud infrastructure, optimizing performance and cost-efficiency using AWS services.• Kubernetes (EKS): Proficient in EKS, I orchestrate containerized applications, ensuring smooth scaling and high availability.

• Git: I manage version control, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient code management for agile development.• Docker: Utilizing Docker, I streamline container management, enhancing deployment efficiency and application consistency.

• Jenkins, CodePipeline: I construct robust CI/CD pipelines, automating build, test, and deployment processes for rapid, reliable code delivery.

• CloudFormation, Terraform: I leverage both tools to implement Infrastructure as Code, ensuring consistent and repeatable setups.

• Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS): Proficient in Linux administration, I optimize configurations and enforce security measures for stable performance.

• Bash: Through Bash scripting, I automate tasks, increasing operational efficiency and minimizing manual intervention.

My proactive approach involves monitoring and troubleshooting with AWS CloudWatch, pre-emptively addressing issues for uninterrupted operations. Security is paramount! I manage access controls, IAM roles, and permissions, ensuring a fortified cloud environment.Collaboration is key! I work seamlessly with cross-functional teams, enhancing deployment practices. Comprehensive documentation fosters transparency, supporting knowledge sharing.Staying current with trends and emerging technologies, I continuously evolve our cloud infrastructure, fostering innovation and efficiency.My expertise in AWS Cloud, Kubernetes, Git, Docker, Jenkins, CodePipeline, CloudFormation, Linux, and Bash scripting significantly contributes to our DevOps team's success. Through strategic development, deployment, and maintenance, I ensure resilience, efficiency, and growth.

IT Infrastructure Engineer, Wine Bureau Goodwine, 2014-2019

In my capacity:

• AWS Cloud Management: I optimize AWS cloud setups, ensuring scalability and resource efficiency.

• Strategic IT Infrastructure Planning: I strategize and implement IT changes for aligned technology and business growth.

• O365 Solutions: I deploy, manage, and troubleshoot O365, fostering collaboration with hybrid configurations.

• Microsoft Exchange Expertise: From installation to migration (2010 to 2016), I ensure smooth transitions.

• Windows Server Mastery: Across versions, I configure, administer, and troubleshoot Windows Servers, managing AD DC, DNS, DHCP, and more.• Azure AD Integration: I smoothly manage Azure AD, enhancing user management and authentication.

• VMware Proficiency: I excel in VMware installation, administration, handling vCenter, ESXi, and vCloud Director.

• Network Transformation: I lead network enhancements, deploying CISCO Fire Power, VLAN segmentation, AS integration, and telephony changes.• High Availability Solutions: I architect high availability solutions using Data Centers for IaaS.

• Backup Solutions: I configure Veritas Backup Exec 2016, securing vital data.

• Server Configuration: I configure HP ProLiant Gen5-Gen9 servers for optimal performance.

• Printing Systems Management: I deploy and manage printing systems for streamlined workflow.

• Client OS Expertise: I configure Windows, Ubuntu, OS X systems.• Software Deployment: I deploy 1C: Enterprise solutions for enhanced efficiency.

• Video Surveillance: I manage video systems for security, working with Samsung, Hikvision, Avigilon.

• Office Software Administration: I adeptly manage diverse office software suites.

• Trade Equipment Support: I offer unwavering support for various trade equipment, ensuring seamless operations.

My extensive experience spanned cloud, networking, software, and hardware. I'm dedicated to optimizing technology for operational excellence.

Technical Support Engineer, IPLAND, 2014-2016

My capabilities extend across:

•Comprehensive IT Support: I have a proven track record of providing comprehensive IT support across diverse companies.
• User Communication and Problem Resolution: I excel in communicating with users, effectively addressing and resolving their IT-related issues.
• Software and Hardware Expertise: I skillfully install and configure a range of software and hardware solutions, optimizing functionality.
• Diagnostics Proficiency: I adeptly diagnose both hardware and software issues, ensuring swift resolution.
• Problem Solving: I am adept at swiftly identifying and resolving hardware and software problems, minimizing disruptions.
• Server Expertise: I possess the expertise to diagnose and resolve server-related issues, ensuring smooth operations.
• Network Diagnostics and Administration: My network diagnostics and administration skills ensure seamless network operations.
• PC and Laptop Repair: I proficiently repair and maintain PCs and laptops, extending their operational lifespan.
• Client Operating Systems: I am experienced in installing, configuring, and administrating various client operating systems, including Windows, Ubuntu, and OS X.
• Antivirus Administration: I proficiently manage antivirus software like Symantec Endpoint Protection, enhancing cybersecurity.
• Adaptability Across Companies: My versatility shines in adapting to the unique IT landscapes of different companies, handling various software and hardware solutions.

My expertise covered a broad spectrum, encompassing IT support, user communication, software and hardware management, diagnostics, problem-solving, server and network administration, repair, and much more. I was committed to ensuring smooth IT operations and enhancing technology-driven efficiency.



Oleksii Yarmak

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