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Machine learning
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As an experienced Artificial Intelligence Engineer and Fullstack Developer, I have been dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive transformative outcomes in various industries. With a strong focus on data-driven solutions and machine learning techniques, I have delivered impactful results that have positively impacted businesses and customer experiences.



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Machine learning





Languages: Python, C/C++, SQL, JavaScript, Typescript HTML/CSS, Matlab, RDeveloper

Tools: Pytorch, TensorFlow, Keras, NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, OpenCV, Skimage, Pandas, Flask, Node.js, React, Next.js, Typescript

Work Experience

Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Swisscom, 2020 - present

- Developed a data-intensive AI application for a financial institution that utilized NLP and ML techniques to analyze customer feedback, resulting in a 30% reduction in fraud cases.
- Created an innovative data-driven solution for a retail company, analyzing customer sentiment from social media data to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales.
- Deployed a machine learning model for a marketing agency to predict customer churn, reducing churn rates by 25% and increasing customer lifetime value by 20%.
- Developed facial recognition model using TensorFlow's high-level API, Keras.

Fullstack Developer / Machine Learning Engineer, ABS Finance, 2016 - 2020

- Developed an automated scoring and recommendation system with large car sales data sets to provide optimal decision making to local used car dealers.
- Developed an image segmentation server with semantic segmentation with Deep learning techniques using Tensorflow, running at Amazon EC2.
- Developed an algorithm for generating a super-resolution image from a low-resolution image using a machine learning technique (Python and Tensorflow at Google Machine Learning Platform).

Fullstack Developer, AISA, 2014 - 2016

- Implemented a robust payment gateway integration for multiple merchants, utilizing XML and JSON APIs to securely process online transactions and provide real-time payment status updates.
- Created comprehensive API documentation and conducted training sessions for merchants, enabling them to seamlessly integrate their systems with our platform and leverage the full potential of our payment solutions.
- Collaborated with cross-functional teams to introduce an automated order fulfillment system, streamlining the order processing workflow and reducing manual errors by 50% .

Developer, Software AG, 2012 - 2014

- Bank Controlling and Forecasting/Budgeting Cube (Multidimensional Financial Controlling). System still in use now. Inspired by Quantum Mechanics concepts (linear operators in a Vector Space), and implemented in MDX.
- Risk analysis.
- Analytical CRM / behavioral Customer segmentation.



Nikita Kirillov

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