Miloš M

DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer
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Experienced DevOps/Release Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry. Skilled in Linux, Virtualization, Scripting, Perl, Ansible, Terraform, Web services, Jenkins. Strong information technology professional willing to develop his CI/CD skills with a Bachelor's degree in Information systems and technologies from Belgrade University



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DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer





OS: Linux(Deb + RH families), Windows
Build Tools: MSBuild, Maven
CI/CD: Jenkins(Including Pipelines and Shared Libraries), GitLab CI, GitHub Actions
Virtualization: VirtualBox+Vagrant, libvirt + Qemu
Containers: Docker
Clustering: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Helm
Monitoring: Prometheus and Grafana
Provisioning: Terraform
CMS: Ansible
Foundational technologies and knowledge: Git, Agile, ITIL

Work Experience

DevOps Engineer,, 2022 - present

• Kubernetes backend services maintenance with ArgoCD and Helm charts with GitHub Actions. 

• Mobile application CI/CD pipelines for Android and iOS using Fastlane Ruby-based actions 

• Developed the process that included building(xcodebuild, gradle), testing(xctest), signing(certificates, jks keystores), archiving and deploying the applications to App Store Connect and Google Play Console 

• Implemented the versioning process of the application on multiple environments(development, quality assurance, user acceptance testing, production) using semantic versioning. 

• Worked on creating and managing AWS Serverless infrastructure with Terraform(S3, Lambda, StepFunctions, Glue). Developing CI with GitHub Actions

DevOps Engineer, Endava, 2020 - 2022

Main responsibilities: 

• AWS 

• Terraform IaC 

• Jenkins CI/CD 

• Chef cookbooks development 

• Upgrading Chef 

• Developing Ruby based CI scripts for Chef cookbooks 

• Creating of Ansible playbooks/jobs for administering builders 

• Building DR for development environment

IT/Release Engineer, Ambit Treasury - Ops Development, FIS, 2015 - 2020

Main responsibilities: 

• VMware administration and setup. 

• Linux administration (RHEL, CentOS) 

• Scripting in Shell, PowerShell 

• Windows 2K12, 2K8 

• Network infrastructure administration and setup 

• 2nd and 3rd level support for developer teams (more than 200 employees and 10 developer teams) 

• Proxy infrastructure setup (HAProxy, Cisco ScanSafe Connector) 

• Management of HP SAN and NAS storages 

• Hardware



Miloš M

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