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DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer
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Working with continuous integration & delivery tools to automate build processes. Management and tuning of build infrastructure. Configuration as code. Infrastructure as code. Integration and automation in Cloud. Container orchestration.



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DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer




Work Experience

DevOps Engineer, Cellebrite, 2022 - present

Improve and add new features to on-premise Kubernetes cluster for one of the  company’s new projects, expanding and improving Helm charts  

- Work with Project architect to establish the K8s on-prem cluster requirements, preparing ansible playbooks for cluster setup, creating Helm charts for project deployment on K8s mixed ( Linux and Windows nodes ) cluster. Preparing on-prem servers for product installation. Creating guides and documentation for product setup.  

- Exploratory work and successive adoption of new tools and techniques within designated projects (Sonarqube Enterprise, Artifactory in cloud, Nomad)  

- Working with development teams to implement various tasks. Using Azure Devops pipelines, Artifactory, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Helm, powershell,  Bash  

- Upgrade and Migration of Azure Devops from on-prem installation to cloud  

- Implement scripted custom build retention policy ( in powershell ) for the Azure Devops pipelines 

- Setup a production CI/CD environment with Jenkins and reverse proxy, fine tuning its running parameters

DevOps Expert, Bosch Romania, 2021 - 2022

- Work closely with engineers to implement/architect CI/CD solutions for various
projects ( in Azure cloud, on-premise cloud )  

- Drive effort of other team members, assist them with technical expertise, resolve
blocking situations

DevOps Engineer, Logiwaste AB, 2019 - 2021

Created pipelines in Bitbucket for the company’s core automated system  

- Containerized services into docker and simplified system deployment using batch, powershell scripting and docker-compose  

- Configuration and fine-tuning of various high-availability network equipment  (Tosibox, Teltonika, etc.)  

- Setup of AD Server in AWS and integration with main product (enabling authentication and authorization via AD)  

- Standardize management of components, binaries & build artifacts (through Sonatype Nexus Private server) 

- Setup monitoring and alerting solution for all product installations (via AWS/Zabbix) 

- Creation of Lambda functions in AWS for handling of stalled EC2 instances  

- Creation of on-premise scripts for interacting with AWS services (EC2, S3)  

- Creation of scripts to automate push/pull artifacts to Google Drive, DropBox

DevOps Engineer, Micro Focus, 2016 - 2021

- Automation of cloud infrastructure ( AWS, Azure, Google Cloud ) 

- Creation and deployment of Docker images 

- Administration of Continuous Integration Servers and all pertaining infrastructure ( Jenkins servers, slaves, backup storage ) 

- Automation of build processes ( programmatic creation of new jobs, improve existing jobs, writing scripts, creating executable jar files for automation of tasks ) 

- Continuous Delivery - automation of deployment processes ( deployment of successful builds ) 

- Maintenance and monitoring procedures ( implementing backup and upgrade policies, choosing and adopting the right tools for monitoring ) 

- Monitoring infrastructure ( Nagios, Zabbix ) 

- Administration/Setup of Repository Manager, Indexing server and build storage cleanup procedures 

- Working with development and quality assurance teams to address new project challenges

Release Coordinator, Wolters Kluwer - Financial Services Solutions, 2014 - 2016

- Management of Continuous Integration Environment, collaborate with the team to optimize automated build process 

- Maintain and update automation tests (Selenium Webdriver) 

- Communicate actively with all team members and external parties 

- Work with QA team, drive their testing efforts, tagging incoming issues 

- Performing sanity checks, conducting performance testing(load testing, stress testing), identifying bottlenecks in application speed

QA Engineer, Small Footprint, Inc., 2011 - 2014

- Conduct functional/performance/regression testing on public safety incident response and management software

- Participate in all aspects of software lifecycle including: estimations, planning, design, testing activities

- Agile software development process (close interaction with development and product teams)

- Setup software components with their various configurations

- Integration testing of main product services with other systems

- Understanding expected and desired outcomes, writing and running test cases, executing exploratory testing

- Troubleshooting failures based on logs

- Troubleshooting failures based on logs



Mihai Onet

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