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DevOps | Infra as Code
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An Eager learner and take pride in myself on my ability to successfully take on new challenges and develop ever-expanding areas of expertise withproblem-solving skills. Effectively diagnose problems and offer valid solutions. My passion is to challenge and develop myself constantly.



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DevOps | Infra as Code





  • Linux RedHat, Windows Server
  • AWS, Azure, Rackspace, IBM Softlayer
  • EC2, RDS, IAM, Route53, S3, VPC, CloudFront, CloudWatch, ECS, EKS,Lambda
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL
  • Jenkins
  • GitHub, Gitlab
  • Nginx, Apache, IIS, Tomcat
  • Bash, PowerShell, Python
  • Zabbix, Datadog, Nagios, Logic Monitor
  • VMWare, KVM, Hyper-V, Docker, Vagrant, K8s
  • RabbitMQ
  • Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation

Work Experience

DevOps engineer, Technology Company, 2022- present

  • Develop cloud and mobile software solutions on Microsoft Azure using Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code practices
  • The development pipelines, infrastructure as code modules necessary for this are set up, maintained, and continuously developed
  • Development of CI/CD pipeline templates on Microsoft Azure DevOps for project and infrastructure code
  • Support development teams with the configuration and deployment of cloud infrastructure as well as CI/CD Pipelines (Pulumi, Ansible, Bash... etc)
  • Focus on IaaS with Pulumi and Terraform with Azure as our primary provider, and AWS as PoC Cloud solution
  • Write tests for IaaS modules (TypeScript, Jest)
  • Provide How-To knowledge to our teams with implementing infrastructuremodules
  • Contribute to international projects by providing consultancy regarding Azure cloud resources and microservice architectures
  • Constantly improve CI/CD pipelines to help development teams improve their time to market
  • Learn through constant feedback and teamwork in a self-empowered Scrum team

DevOps Engineer, Technology Companies, 2018-2019

  • Fully automate all DevOps processes, e.g. server provisioning,
  • deprovisioning, security updates, intrusion detection, log collection and
  • analysis, backups, etc. (specifically Ansible)
  • Implement best security practices on a large-scale custom-built cloud service. (Ubuntu mainly)
  • Development of internal services for system analytics and Monitoring (CollectD, InfluxDB, Grafana, ELK stack) and alerting tools (Zabbix)
  • Create automated CI/CD infrastructure and pipelines in cooperation with development teams (Jenkins, Nexus, Sonarqube, Rundeck)
  • Work on container-based infrastructure hosted on AWS with Docker Swarm,
  • Ansible for provisioning, Jenkins for CI and GitLab as VCS
  • Develop and maintain configuration management repository for 20+ enterpriseweb projects
  • Set up local Nagios server for Monitoring our infrastructure with Slack integration enabled. A completely automated process of adding new servers to Nagios
  • Maintain local infrastructure - Production servers (Linux - Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS), Web services (Nginx primary /Apache optinal) and others (Let's Encrypt/Certbot..)

Engineer/Support Escalation, Technology Company, 2015-2018

  • Provide support for some of the world’s largest companies
  • Provide technical assistance to improve system performance, capacity, reliability and scalability
  • Generate periodic performance reports for management review


I highly recommend Ljubo for their exceptional eagerness to learn and ability to take on new challenges. They possess strong problem-solving skills and have a passion for constant self-development. Ljubo effectively diagnoses problems and offers valid solutions, making them a valuable asset to any team.

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Ljubo Naster

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