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Python Backend Developer
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Versatile and hard-working Python engineer with strong experience in completing several projects from scratch.



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Python Backend Developer

Python;fastapi;Django;Celery;RabbitMQ;Redis;REST API;GraphQL;AWS;SQL;NoSQL DB;TensorFlow;Keras;NumPy;pandas;




  • AWS Stack : Python3 , Chalice, DynamoDB, Lambdas, SQS, Cognito, SES, SNS, S3, etc
  • DjangoGoogle cloud functions
  • Django stack: drf, celery, Postgres
  • Sync/Async REST Service development (flask , chalice, asyncio, aiohttp, twisted, swagger/open API 2/3)
  • Databases: Postgres, DynamoDB (No-SQL), sqlite3, MySQL, SQL-server
  • Data Protocols: Json, Bson, XML, Protobuf
  • Test/Behavior Driven Development
  • DevOps: Docker, DockerCompose, py docker , Jenkins, Bitbucket, GitLab, etc
  • PDF Reports generation: Jasper Reports (Java), Jasper Studio
  • Data analytics: Pandas, SQL
  • Fintech experience: KYC, FATCA, Trust Account
  • SQL: building time-series data, analytics, window functions, queries, stored procs, transactions, etc...
  • Flask: login, sql-alchemy, blueprints, factories, migrations
  • ORM: SqlAlchemy, Django ORM
  • Stats Reporting / Time series display: Grafana, graphite, SQL-server
  • FastAPI: built simple microservices
  • Websocket: wrote simple microservices using Autobahn/Callback-based API for Asynctio
  • Development series: prometheinfluxdb, graphite.

Work Experience

Backend Python Developer, Trimms, 2021-present

Most of the projects relate to gathering some time-series/ summary data from the company's infrastructure and TSDBs, read/ write it from different sources, aggregate it if needed, and expose via REST API in different formats for the internal UI/API users. Projects I completed from the start:

  • Multiprocess/Async SNMP fetcher for querying Lgs infrastructures every 30 seconds (~several thousand devices). It runs on about 10 servers by now in different network segments. This fetcher replaced the old corporate fetchers which were not capable to query inventory every 30 seconds as they were running pretty slow and unreliable.
  • SNMP Mib inventory DB – Django-based app with RabbitMQ, Celery, CeleryBeat, and Postgres. This DB contains a list of MIBs for every device. This is needed to reduce device query time, as without a targeted mib list it can take up to 20 minutes for some devices.
  • Various Grafana dashboards for service telemetry

Backend Python Developer, Eggnostic, 2019 - 2021

I participated in two projects

  • pms.twigtech.com - short-stay booking aggregator.
  • pro.twigtech.com - long-stay trust account property management system with accounting, pdf reporting, etc.


  • to create endpoints and accounting backend business logic. It included CRUD for properties, accounts, bills, payment disbursements, etc.
  • to create a Java-based PDF report based on myJasper Reports AWS Lambda and Jasper templates.

Backend Developer, Fares, 2016-2019

I participated in various projects

  • Creating/ maintaining REST API for our technology partners (node.js, swagger, Postgres, python, aiohttp, Asyncio, Redis)
  • Maintaining our own warehouse management system (python + twisted + redis + docker)
  • Writing micro-services (docker, python3, Asyncio, aiohttp)
  • Creating/ maintaining BDD integration test frameworks (python , ruby, cucumber, behave, pytest)


"I highly recommend Ivan as an exceptional Backend Python Developer. With expertise in AWS stack, Django, Flask, SQL databases, and DevOps tools, he consistently delivers high-quality work. His experience in fintech, time-series data, and REST service development makes him a valuable asset to any team."

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Ivan Platon

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