Ivan Milivojevic

DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer
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Senior DevOps Engineer with rich 13-year experience in different DevOps-related roles. Strongest skills include extensive Linux administration, CICD, Configuration management systems (Ansible, Chef, Puppet), IaC (Terraform, Packer, Pulumi) and Open source orchestration platforms (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm). Passionate about introducing and driving modern DevOps techniques and tools to the organization to achieve continuous improvement of the software development and deployment processes



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DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer





  • Linux OS (Centos/Debian(Fedora,Ubuntu));
  • Windows Servers
  • Virtualization (Hyper-V, VMware)
  • AD, DHCP, DNS, GPO, FTP, VPN, WSUS, TCP/IP Protocols.

Cloud providers:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

CI/CD, Build tools, Version Control Systems:

  • Jenkins
  • GCP CloudBuild
  • AWS pipeline
  • Spinnaker
  • GitHub actions
  • GitLab CI
  • Bitbucket

Configuration management tools:

  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • SaltStack
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • AWS Cloudformation

Container management tools:

  • Kubernetes, Helm;
  • Docker, Docker-compose, Docker swarm.

Work Experience

Senior DevOps Engineer, DEVTECH, 2019 - present

Cloud marketplace system project:

- Provisioning of AWS resources via infrastructure as code (Terraform, multiple AWS accounts). 

- Provisioning and managing of Kubernetes clusters (multiple Kubernetes clusters, EKS). 

- Managing of CI/CD (Github Actions, Terraform, Helm, Argocd, Kubernetes). 

- Managing of Logging and Monitoring (Sumologic). 

- Standardizing applications in Helm charts (Helm, Kubernetes, Docker). 

- Eliminating static API credentials usage and increasing overall security regarding AWS access from Github Actions by configuring Github Actions OIDC setup on AWS (Github Actions, AWS, Terraform) 

- Arbitrating a migration projects from sops to Secrets Manager (Github Actions, Sops, AWS SSM). 

- 200% decreasing resolution time by improving troubleshooting performance lookup during RDS CPU alerts (Python, AWS). 

- Arbitrating a migration of helm charts to use remote helm charts, standardizing CI/CD (Helm, Github Actions, Kubernetes). 


Social app project:

- Provisioned AWS resources via infrastructure as code (Terraform, Packer, multiple AWS accounts). 

- Set up a CI/CD (Jenkins, Flux, Github, Sonar). 

- Set up and maintained Kubernetes clusters (multiple Kubernetes clusters, Kops). 

- Packaged and standardized applications in Helm charts (Helm, Kubernetes, Docker). 

- Set up and standardized GitOps deployment to Kubernetes clusters (Flux, Jenkins, Helm, and Github). 


Transportation app project:

- Managed Kubernetes clusters (multiple Kubernetes clusters, Kops). 

- Managed CMS system (Puppet). 

- Provisioned AWS resources via infrastructure as code (Terraform, Packer). 

- Audited and standardized CI/CD on Spinnaker (Packer, Spinnaker, EC2, Kubernetes). 

- Set up and maintained Secret Management system (Vault, AWS KMS, DynamoDB). 

- Configured and maintained Logging and Monitoring (Graylog, Datadog). 

- Configured and maintained internal AD and IDP (FreeIPA, Keycloak). 

- Managed k8s cluster upgrade from 1.14 to 1.18 version without downtime (Kops, Kubernetes).

Senior DevOps Engineer, Endava, 2017 - 2019

- Set up and managed Serverless architecture on AWS (Lambda, S3, SNS). 

- Maintained AWS infrastructure (multiple AWS accounts with 100+ EC2 instances per account). 

- Managed CMS System (Ansible, Puppet). 

- Set up and maintained Logging and Monitoring system (CloudWatch, TICK, ELK, Grafana, Nagios). 

- Setup of upgrading and patching 1.5k EC2 instances without downtime (Ansible, AWS). 

- Held courses and workshops about Terraform. 

- Wrote custom Ansible modules for managing Lambda functions, IAM roles, and CloudWatch Alarms and Events (Ansible, AWS, Terraform). 

- Wrote scripts for managing user passwords on various platform components (Ansible, Python).

System Engineer, P3 Communications, 2014 - 2017

- Provisioned and maintained Serverless architecture based on AWS (S3, Lambda, SNS). 

- 10x reduction in cloud computing costs by improving billing, performance, and infrastructure needs. 

- Customized tracing utility on external servers, mitigated packet loss on traces toward zero. 

- Set up a monitoring and logging system for checking 2XX external servers (Zabbix). 

- Provisioned AWS infrastructure (ELB, EC2, ASG). 

- 400% decreased delivery time by configuring and standardizing a provisioning system for managing 2XX external servers (Chef). 

- Managed internal projects upon client’s request. 

- Helped migrate products from physical servers to AWS.

Voice Engineer, Orion Telekom, 2010 - 2014

- Configuration, maintenance and implementation of PBX systems (IVR, Conference, Voicemail) for business VoIP customers. 

- Set up a solution for sending and receiving fax without traditional fax equipment. This service is still active. 

- Engaged as a Level 3 support for interconnections with other domestic and foreign telco providers. 

- Coordinated a migration of 50k VoIP users to a new VoIP Class4 platform. 

- 500% decreased delivery time by set up a solution for autoprovisioning of 30k residential VoIP users. 

- 300% decreased delivery time by automated provisioning of embedded VoIP equipment

System Engineer, Logo d.o.o, 2010 - 2010

- Setup of network equipment (ASA 5505/5510). 

- Configuration and maintenance of network hardware. 

- Configuration, maintenance and setup of several Asterisk PBX based system sites..



Ivan Milivojevic

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