Ilya Krasny

.Net Backend Lead
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Highly skilled and dedicated professional with a proven track record of delivering high-quality work. Has a deep understanding of the technology and its applications. Worked on a variety of projects, from small-scale applications to large enterprise systems, and has consistently delivered results that meet or exceed client expectations.



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.Net Backend Lead

.NET;SQL DB;NoSQL DB;Entity Framework;RabbitMQ;AWS;




  • .Net core 5
  • .Net Framework
  • SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Entity Framework
  • RabbitMQ

Work Experience

Senior .Net Developer, UpTeam, 2022-present

  • Adding new features for SaaS-based platform to enable fast proposals, self-serve, automated fulfillment, and insightful and actionable reporting and analytics.
  • Maintaining and improving existing product features, bug fix
  • Participating in new product development and planning
  • Writing unit tests, documenting code
  • Assisting in creating and maintaining product knowledge base
  • Participating in product team meetings, providing personal input to enhance the product
  • Participating in conf. calls and online product demonstrations with US based colleagues

Senior .Net Developer, Loko Bank, 2019 -2021

  • Development of Web services in the architecture of microservices
  • Legacy refactoring
  • Implementation of TDD
  • Migrate .Net Framework -> .Net Core
  • Code review moderation
  • Release preparation
  • Description of those debt
  • Estimate of labor costs
  • Service documentation

Stack: .NET Framework 4.7 - .Net Core 5.0, SQL, Postgre, Entity, RabbitMQ and a bunch of self-written protocols and integrations

SW Developer/ ATQA, System Technologies, 2014-2019

  • Development of web services in monolith architecture:

- sales support

-GPS Monitoring

-providing versioning between mobile clients and server database

- centralized file sharing and its billing

-validation of xml data

  • Writing autotests

Stack: .Net, ServiceStack, WebApi, Akka.Net, Azure, SQL, ORMLite, EntityFramework, ADO.NET, SQLite, Dapper, OSRM, Redis.


Ilya Krasny is an exceptional .Net Developer who would be a valuable asset to any organization. His experience, skills, and dedication make him an ideal candidate for any .Net development position.

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Ilya Krasny

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