Dominik Ubacov

Frontend Developer
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Experienced full-stack software engineer with more than 15 years of experience specializing in front-end web development. Have a diverse background in various industries such as banking, sales, warehousing, and biochemistry. Actively contribute to open-source projects. Committed to producing clean and scalable code, prioritizing maintainability, and consistently following industry best practices and architectural principles. Continuously seek opportunities for personal growth and staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field.



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Frontend Developer

React;TypeScript;GraphQL;HTML / CSS;



Work Experience

Senior Frontend Developer. Quantori, 2021-present

-Drove the development of the admin application for a blockchain and digital assets platform startup.
-Participated in the development of the company's internal portal web application.
-Participated in the building of web components for a molecular analysis software platform.
-Mentored team members.

Senior Frontend Developer, Kode, 2019-2021

-Led the development of a school diary, mobile application.
-Participated in the developed of a banking web application
-Participated in the redesign of a web application to a micro-front-end architecture
-Mentored team members.

Senior Full-Stack Developer, DeOmSol, 2017-2019

-Led the creation of web applications and widgets for the chatting-bot platform: operator, admin, and button/chat widgets.
-Drove the design of the back-end API, system architecture, and database schema.
-Mentored team members.


The candidate demonstrated a strong understanding of core technologies relevant to this position. during the tech interview. He showcased his expertise as a strong Senior Developer and exhibited excellent problem-solving skills. I highly recommend hiring Igor as they possess the necessary skills and knowledge in the mentioned areas.


Dominik Ubacov

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