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Passionate Full Stack Developer with diverse experience in Vue.js, PHP, and Node.js. Excelled in enhancing user experiences and working at complex projects. Renowned for my adaptability, attention to detail, and effective communication. I thrive in dynamic environments, always eager to tackle new challenges and innovate. Seeking opportunities to apply my skills in creating impactful and user-friendly solutions.



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Full stack developer




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Full-stack Developer, Ranker, 2022 - 2024

  • Excelled in three key projects (Ranker Insights, Tools V3, WatchWorthy) using Vue.js, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Node.js. 
  • Managed complex legacy code in Ranker Insights, enhancing UI and user experience. 
  • Led migration of some V2 Tools to, and development of new for, Tools V3, creating efficient, user-friendly tools and interfaces. 
  • Contributed to WatchWorthy's front-end team, specializing in engaging animations and UX improvements. 
  • Adapted to high-quality coding standards, focusing on detailed, user-centric testing and design. 
  • Collaborated effectively using Jira/Slack, praised for excellent communication skills.

Technical Expert - Ecommerce Expert, GM2, 2019 - 2022

Technical leadership, perform software architecture, break down, estimate and plan projects from a technical point of view, provide technical aid to coworkers, implement, research and decide which new technologies, frameworks, packages, and/or plugins to implement, front end and back end development, creative problem solution. Mainly on Nuxt projects for headless Shopify eCommerce, implementing Nacelle as a middleware.

Full Stack Web Developer - Ecommerce Expert, Zehnergroup - GM2, 2016 - 2019

Development and support for websites based on WordPress, Laravel, React, Angular. Ecommerce based on WooCommerce and Shopify. DevOps using AWS. Deployment, regular and with Containers. Installation and managing of servers, DNS management. Services such as WPEngine, GoDaddy, CloudFlare/CDNs in general.

Full-Stack Web Developer, GM2, 2014 - 2015

Development and support for websites based on PHP, CakePHP, Laravel, WordPress, Vue, React. Ecommerce based on WooCommerce and Shopify.

Development of industrial solutions using Delta and Siemens PLCs, under Ladder and STL languages respectively. Arduino based custom firmware development. Industrial solution application development using COM ports based on Visual Basic.



Fabio Pampin

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