Eugene Kane

Node.js Developer
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Certified Software Engineer with more than 5 years experience. Implemented numerous projects using different technologies, mainly Node.js for the back-end. In addition, I have solid experience in the field of software architecture, in unit and stress testing. Always follow modern development methodologies, including Agile, Scrum, and Kanban, along with the principles of SOLID, KISS, and DRY. I can act both as a communicative team player and as an independent team member, enabling me to deal with, research, and propose solutions to different problems. I always find ways to improve the situation and the performance of the team and myself.



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Node.js Developer





  • Priority Technologies: JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js/Nest.js
  • Other Backend Technologies: Jest, Bash, Express.js
  • Databases: MongoDB
  • Version Control: GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Issue Tracking: Jira
  • Clouds: AWS
  • File Storage: Amazon S3

Work Experience

Software development engineer, Technology Company, 2022-present

  • Communication with the customers
  • Triage customer's issues
  • Investigation of bugs and feature requests
  • Implementation of new functionality and tests
  • Providing code review

Node.js BackEnd Developer, Technology Company, 2022-2022

  • Developed back-end in a team of 10 developers
  • Was responsible for codebase porting with refactoring from Express.js (JavaScript) to Nest.js (TypeScript)
  • Worked on performance optimization
  • Provided planning and estimation
  • Provided code reviewr

Node.js Developer, Technology Company, 2018-2022

  • Developed back-end and front-end in a team of 4 developers
  • Worked on performance optimization
  • Was responsible for implementing new features and fixing bugs
  • Refactored legacy code base
  • Provided planning and estimation
  • Made integration with 3rd party services (Slack, Bitrix)
  • Developed back-end from technical specifications to MVP
  • Designed system and DB architecture
  • Created Gitlab CI/CD pipelines
  • Provided planning and estimation
  • Provided stress testing;


Evgenii is an accomplished and dedicated software engineer with a profound knowledge of Node.js, TypeScript, and related technologies. He has an impressive track record of successfully delivering projects, showcasing excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail. Throughout his employment, Evgenii consistently demonstrated the ability to triage customer issues, investigate bugs and feature requests, and implement new functionality with thorough testing.

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Eugene Kane

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