Dmitry T

Senior Python Developer
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A skilled Python Developer with a technical math background. Interested in new technologies. Able to play a key role in the developed service. Result-oriented. Dedicated to writing clean, scalable code with a focus on maintainability.



Vetting results

Senior Python Developer

Python;Django;AWS;SQL DB;NoSQL DB;Docker;Flask;Celery;




  • Excellent knowledge of Python
  • Good knowledge of Django, Django-rest-framework, flask, fastapi, celery
  • Strong knowledge of SQL(MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL(Dynamo DB, Mongo DB) databases
  • Strong debugging and problem solving skill
  • Experience writing unit, integration tests (unittest, pytest, behave (BDD))
  • Experience working with Docker
  • Experience working with key-value storages: Redis, Memcache
  • Experience working with AWS (S3, EC2, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, ECR,Cognito).
  • Experience working with serverless deployment (zappa, serverless framework)
  • Solid understanding of OOP, REST API design principles, design patterns
  • Good written and oral English
  • Good presentation and decision making skill

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer/Contract Programmer, Freelancer, 2019 – present

  • Implementing business logic and features in python
  • Participating in architecture design
  • Designing database structure (for SQL based databases: PostgreSQL in particular)
  • Analyzing business services, improving things important for business (time execution, hosting costs)
  • Production bug fixing
  • Taking part in code reviews
  • Mentoring junior and middle engineers
  • Development of a backend environment in python (Django, flask), writing automated tests (unittest,behave), writing deployment script for AWS (serverless, zappa)

Senior Python Software Engineer/Team Lead, P2L, 2018 – 2019

  • Coordinating team tasks
  • DB architecture
  • Designing and implementing flexible, scalable solutions, services and microservices
  • Extending business logic according business rules
  • Taking part in code reviews
  • Deploying code to the production server

Senior Python developer, LeverX, 2015 – 2018

  • Designing and implementing services and microservices
  • Researching best cloud solutions
  • Participating in architecture design
  • Taking part in code reviews
  • Integration testing

Python developer, Wargaming, 2013 – 2014

  • Designing and implementing services and microservices
  • Participating in architecture design
  • Taking part in code reviews
  • Integration testing

Python developer, XIM, 2010– 2013

  • Many small services for different mobile applications
  • Development
  • Testing



"I have the utmost confidence in recommending Dmitry for the Python developer position. He possesses a comprehensive skill set, an outstanding work ethic, and a strong commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions. I am confident that he will contribute significantly to your organization's success."

Alex O



Dmitry T

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