Dmitrii Shuvalov

DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer
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Experienced Lead DevOps Engineer with a proven track record of over 12 years in the IT industry. Recognized for expertise in automation, system administration, routing, switching, and a strong aptitude for troubleshooting. Proficient in cloud, voice, and security technologies, delivering comprehensive solutions that optimize performance, reliability, and security. A dedicated leader with a history of driving successful cross-functional collaborations and achieving superior results in complex technical environments.



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DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer




Work Experience

Lead DevOps Engineer, Temporal Games, 2022 - present

Professional Experience:

- Conducted architectural designs and resource optimization planning, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

- Developed comprehensive documentation for all processes and systems, ensuring clarity and transparency.

- Led disaster recovery planning and conducted rigorous testing to ensure system resilience and continuity.

- Utilized Terraform, GitHub Actions, and CloudFormation for robust CI/CD pipelines, while leveraging Perforce and GitHub with LFS on S3 for version control.

- Managed end-to-end CI/CD processes for a Unity-based game project, orchestrating deployments from development to Steam platform.

- Engineered AWS-based solutions, including EKS, RDS, DynamoDB, S3, ELB/NLB, VPC, and EC2, to establish a high-performing and reliable infrastructure.

- Leveraged various solutions, such as Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, Tempo, and promtail, along with PgSQL and Sentry, to enhance monitoring and error tracking.

Project Highlights:

- Successfully implemented full CI/CD pipelines for diverse microservices encompassing both frontend and backend components.

- Orchestrated the deployment of a machine learning computing cluster using Knative/Kserve on AWS EKS.

- Strategically optimized AWS costs through meticulous infrastructure planning and resource management.

- Spearheaded the creation of an automated quality assurance testing pipeline, offering dynamic environments for frontend services and backend machine learning computations.

- Pioneered an automated CI/CD workflow for a Unity game project, ensuring seamless deployments on the Steam platform.

- Designed and implemented a scalable GPU processing solution with intelligent replica management, incorporating AWS SPOT capacity for cost-effective and stable operations.

- Developed a sophisticated integration solution between GitHub and Perforce repositories, establishing automated pipelines to streamline development processes.

Lead DevOps Engineer, Deutsche Bank, 2018 - 2022

Professional Experience:

- Led high-level architectural designs to optimize system efficiency and scalability.

- Orchestrated disaster recovery plans, ensuring business continuity in critical scenarios.

- Streamlined workflows using Teamcity, Jenkins, and Gitlab-CI for seamless integration and delivery.

- Managed Tomcat, Apache, and RHEL configurations, enhancing server performance.

- Executed cloud migration using Openshift and Kubernetes, ensuring efficient operation.

- Automated tasks with Bash, Ansible, and Powershell scripting to enhance efficiency.

- Managed networking and load balancing, optimizing system performance.

- Conducted infrastructure capacity planning and extensions, aligning with business needs.

- Effectively managed a DevOps team of two, handling task routing and scheduling.

- Conducted technical interviews for external candidates, contributing to team growth.

Project Achievements:

- Implemented and supported unified automation for the Bank, streamlining semi-automatic release processes across teams and components.

- Orchestrated migration of internal Java services to Openshift, including architectural planning and oversight of development teams.

- Established CI/CD pipelines for Java-based microservices on Openshift, enabling automatic delivery of critical business features using Teamcity/Jenkins and Ansible/Bash.

- Deployed dynamic auto-scaling Teamcity build agents on Openshift/Kubernetes.

- Automated the installation of MS Windows server build agents using Ansible and Powershell, simplifying agent deployment.

- Created one-button automation for production deployments in Openshift, boosting release speed and reducing errors.

- Developed an automated process for Binary Assurance and Binary Tracing audits, ensuring code compliance and successful UAT phases.

- Maintained up-to-date documentation of processes, utilizing Confluence and CMDB for automatic information provisioning.

Senior DevOps Engineer, Forex Club, 2017 - 2018

Professional Experience: 

- Managed and supported high-load websites and platforms for a global trading business. 

- Administered Amazon Web Services (AWS) components including VPC, EC2, Route53, ELB, RDS, ECS, CloudFront, S3, Lambda, CloudFormation, Elastic MapReduce, etc. 

- Supported BigData Hadoop infrastructure using AWS EMR, Spark, and Cassandra. 

- Maintained systems documentation, including schemas, instructions, descriptions, and used Confluence and JIRA CMDB for documentation. 

- Monitored, troubleshooted, and tested performance and Quality of Service (QoS) while providing fault tolerance and high availability for network applications and services. 

- Successfully migrated on-premises web services to Amazon Web Services. 

- Managed CI/CD processes for development, testing, and deployment using Jenkins and GitLab-CI. 

- Provided L3 support with rotating on-call duties using JIRA ServiceDesk. 


Project Highlights: 

- Led the migration from Shell-based deployment to Ansible-based website deployment and server configuration. 

- Implemented infrastructure provisioning management using Terraform and CloudFormation. 

- Executed the migration of websites from FreeBSD servers to Amazon Web Services. 

- Transformed web services from standalone servers to AWS containerized services (AWS ECS with Auto Scaling and Lambda). 

- Conducted cost analysis and optimization for IT resources. 

- Designed and implemented CI/CD processes for various web services and microservices using GitLab CI and Jenkins for R&D, QA, and Production environments. 

- Deployed and maintained a geodistributed services platform with CDN and SQL multimaster/slave setup. 

- Designed and implemented a BigData Hadoop unit with Cassandra, Kafka, and Spark. 

- Created detailed descriptions for all instances, services, and networks, including graphical schemas using Confluence, Jira CMDB, and other documents.

Senior System Administrator, Europama OU, 2016 - 2017

Professional experience: 

- Supported high-load websites and web applications for most important companies in Europe 

on Fashion and Bank industry (Nginx, PHP, Redis, memcached, haproxy, varnish, MySQL); 

- Created and maintained network documentation (schemas, instructions, descriptions); 

- Monitored, troubleshooted, tested performance and QoS, provided fault tolerance and high 

availability of network applications and services. 

Project Highlights: 

- Designed network architecture for big data hosting platform at the multiple datacenters; 

- Installed, configured and administrated High-availability virtual servers cluster with about 

200 VMs (KVM/Ganeti, Debian/RedHat, Oracle DB, JBoss/Wilffly, MySQL, Haproxy, Mari- 

aDB with Galera multimaster, PostgreSQL); 

- Installed, configured and used Cisco Nexus 9300 (vPC), Palo Alto 3060 and Checkpoint 

5600 firewalls, Cisco ISR 2921 as VPN server; 

- Performed transparent migration from Palo-Alto frontend firewalls to Debian with active- 

passive failover (Heartbeat), load balancing/SSL-offload (Haproxy), Snort IPS; 

- Installed and managed distributed Ceph storage cluster with Rados S3 gateway layer; 

- Deployed and used Ansible for configuration management and web-sites updating; 

- Implemented centralized AAA solution based on FreeIPA cluster, OSSEC HIDS intrusion 

detection system and Splunk; 

- Performed migration of web sites from FreeBSD servers

Senior System Engineer, FSUE "Rosmorport", 2007 - 2016

Professional experience: 

- Administering geographically distributed enterprise network infrastructure consisting of headquarter office with summary amount of approximately 60 PC's and 2 branches from 40 to 50 employees each. 

- Configuring routers, switches, ASA firewalls, VoIP gateways, telepresence terminals, WiFi controller and access points. 

- Creating, maintaining and enhancing network documentation and technical schemes, managing IP address plan. 

- Monitoring, troubleshooting, testing performance and QoS, providing fault tolerance and high availability of network applications and services. 

Project highlights: 

- Linked 3 distributed sites for data and voice connections using ISDN and VPN by configuring Cisco routers ISR 3845/2821 (Cisco Call Manager Express and local PBX) with QoS;

- Provided fault tolerant connectivity between main office and remote branches by implementing dual cloud DMVPN topology (with 2 hub routers and 2 ISPs in main office, 2 ISPs in the branches) 

- Implemented secure authentication of client devices plugged in LAN ports by configuring 802.1x authentication on 24 access switches with use of Microsoft NAP server. 

- Planned, developed and installed enterprise backup system using Bacula and Cobian; 

- Configured collecting statistics of SLA and link speed usage, notifying and sending alerts by deploying Zabbix monitoring system; 

- Implemented and deployed Cisco Call Manager 10 cluster with Contact Center, voice mail, call recording and input queues for offices operation; 

- Performed transfer of Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange 2010 mail system; 

- Developed billing software for customers based on NetFlow aggregation and PostgreSQL/MSSQL with web interface

- Created detailed descriptions for all instances, services and networks, with graphical schemas

Software Developer, OOO "SKB Raduga", 2006 - 2006

Professional experience: 

Software development

Project Highlights: 

Develop RedHat Linux 9 kernel driver for fax transmission equipment

System Administrator, OOO "West-comm trade", 2006 - 2006

Professional experience: 

Full administration of start-up ISP - hardware; network access servers (FreeBSD 5.4/6.0,squid, httpd, proftpd, mpd); full setup and support of billing system (NetUP UTM5); customer technical support(including 24x7 on-call rotation). 

Project highlights: 

- Setup and maintain billing system server (FreeBSD 6.0, Netup utm5, MySQL); 

- Setup D-Link router with dynamic routing (BGP) and access control, netflow export and aggregation; 

- Setup monitoring system (Nagios); 

- Install and setup area game server



Dmitrii Shuvalov

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