Didim Gamma

Senior Frontend Developer
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Sturdy and experienced Web Developer. Able to stay autonomous and understand business needs. I keep pace with innovation as well as try and adopt the best practices.



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Senior Frontend Developer

JavaScript;TypeScript;React 2;Redux;GraphQL;Node.js;




  • Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, vanilla JS and Typescript.
  • Good knowledge of GIT, worked with both Gitlab / Github.
  • Design systems: Zeplin and Figma as well as reading designs from .psd files.
  • Expertise in implementing React web apps. Proficient in designing and developing SPAs using state management tools like useContext, Redux Toolkit, Thunks and Sagas.
  • Experience in code reviewing, mentoring, leading a developers team, tech interviewing, and hiring developers. Can write PRDs / TRDs.
  • Knowledge of web app engineering practices. I’ve tried implementing different architectures such as Feature Sliced, Clean Architecture, DDD, Atomic Design, MV*, Feature Driven, etc.
  • Implementing AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, and Auto-Scaling groups.
  • Backend skills: building RESTful APIs, working with GraphQL, writing web app backend with Python+Flask.

Other frameworks, libraries, and technologies I’ve used in production or tried in pet projects:

  • NextJs 13, SVGs, Node.js, Three.js, RxJs, Framer Motion, Angular, Backbone, Websockets,
  • Sass/Scss, Postcss, CSS modules, Fireship, Docker Compose, Express.js, MySQL, Postgres, Flask,
  • SQLAlchemy.

Work Experience

Middle Frontend Developer / Team Lead , Biganto, 2018-present

  • Contributed to the company’s main project of a virtual tour player.
  • Helped develop several other web services surrounding the said project.
  • Worked in a big team with a strict division of responsibilities under a Kanban methodology with Gitlab Flow as a branching strategy.
  • Have led the development of two web apps for a developer company, which included websites for selling their own estate and apartments in Moscow. One of them has sold >7500 flats, storages, and parking lots.
  • Maintained all said projects, implemented new features, and integrated marketology tools.

develop Developer, Parta, 2016-2018

  • Worked in a team of two developers and one manager. We built a scalable online service of video surveillance for the startup: web UI made with Modx CMS / JQuery / Underscore.js and backend with a tech stack of PHP / MySQL / Nginx RTMP.
  • Integrated various external services including billing, helped developing business logic.
  • Worked on site, which implied finding faulty hardware, building corporate networks, testing bandwidth, and providing security for passing and storing sensitive data.
  • Have gained a good understanding of basic networking protocols as well as various video streaming protocols such as RTSP, HLS, RTMP.
  • Have set up a distributed system with DB replication and hardware Monitoring with Zabbix.
  • Hired freelance developers and used their expertise in the development of mobile apps for the service, then published in Appstore and Google Play.

Web Developer / Corporate Manager, WTrading, 2013-2016

  • Developed and maintained websites built with CMS (Bitrix / PHP / MySQL).
  • Managed company’s everyday IT needs: network, hardware, working places.
  • Designed various promo materials and readied layouts for offset printing.
  • Also worked as a B2B corporate manager.


"Throughout our collaboration, Didim has displayed a strong work ethic, consistently delivering high-quality work and maintaining projects effectively. His proficiency in different architectures and technologies, such as Next.js, Node.js, Docker, Express.js, and more, makes him a versatile and adaptable developer."

Jonathan D

Chief Technology Officer


Didim Gamma

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