Darius Carpen

Senior React Developer
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Senior React Developer with over 3 years of experience in developing frontend applications. Implemented modern, scalable, maintainable, responsive, and user-friendly Web Applications and solutions for clients in e-commerce, automotive, media Monitoring, and startups.



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Senior React Developer

JavaScript;TypeScript;React 2;Redux;Node.js;AWS;GraphQL;


AWS Certified Developer



  • Primary technologies and frameworks: JavaScript/TypeScript, ReactJS/Redux
  • Other languages: Node.js/Nest.js, HTML, CSS, SCSS
  • AWS
  • Unit tests: Jest , Enzyme, React-test-renderer, and testing-library
  • GraphQL

Work Experience

React Developer, HTEC, 2022 - Present

  • Learned AWS and obtained the AWS Developer Associate certification.
  • Developed a PoC application with AWS CDK (with Typescript) and AWS IoT core in the domain of IoT.
  • Improved the onboarding and technical docs for a Frontend application.
  • Written unit tests against a NodeJS REST API and some AWS Lambda functions.
  • Integrated the reservation and ordering process into the Frontend application.
  • Fixed dependable vulnerabilities by updating npm packages.
  • Updated React to the latest version
  • Implemented a global store in the frontend application by using react hooks
  • created a CI/CD pipeline in GitHub to automate the frontend workflow
  • Improved the performance of the React application by adding lazy loading, removing unused JS and CSS
  • Moderated daily standup meetings

Frontend Developer, 3Pillar Group, 2018-2021

Frontend developer, e-commerce project, client from UK.

Main responsibilities:

  • Developed reusable and responsive UI components based on business requirements.
  • Worked with some of the latest JavaScript technologies like React, React-Redux, Gatsby, GraphQL.
  • Manually tested code and written unit tests.
  • Increased unit testing coverage.
  • Reviewed my colleague's pull requests.
  • Deployed code to QA environments using Jenkins.
  • Debugged applications with Chrome developer tools and Lighthouse.


"Darius has a strong focus on code quality and testing and a deep understanding of AWS. He is experienced in Agile methodologies and has contributed to the improvement of technical documentation and onboarding processes. He has consistently delivered high-quality work and played a key role in developing robust and secure applications."

Joshua M



Darius Carpen

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