Danil Malkin

Senior Backend JS Developer
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Versatile and hard-working DevOps engineer with strong experience with the cloud and in maintaining large-scale software systems.



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Senior Backend JS Developer





  • Javascript/Typescript - Node.JS - Nest.JS (microservices).
  • Python - Django
  • Vue, React, Angular
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Mongo, Redis, DynamoDB
  • AWS: Lambda, EKS, ECS, EC2, Route53, ALB
  • REST API, GraphQL, Sockets
  • RabbitMQ
  • Microservices, serverless
  • Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab, Github Actions, Jenkins 

Work Experience

Lead Backend Developer, CloudGeometry, 2020-present

Project: The first local-focused, full-stack, omnichannel digital advertising platform, a top OTT AdTech company in the US.

  • Leading new product development and planning
  • Adding new features for NodeJS backend
  • Maintaining and improving existing product features, bug fixing
  • Writing unit tests, documenting code
  • Assisting QA team in creating and maintaining product knowledge base
  • Participating in product team meetings, providing personal input to enhance the product
  • Participating in conf. calls and online product demonstrations with US based colleagues

Project: An end-to-end application recovery service that helps customers meet their business continuity and disaster recovery objectives. It enables customer to assess their application readiness to various types of disasters, suggests alternative configurations, suggests monitors to identify outages and risks to disaster recovery compliance.

  • Writing script for calculation of RTO, RPO for given AWS service
  • Writing scripts for AWS service HA configuration recommendations
  • Automating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Automating CloudWatch Alarm recommendations from pool of pre-defined alarms
  • Writing script for pricing calculation (Cost Function) based on service configuration

Full-Stack Engineer, Eduos, 2019-2020

  • Developing backend part
  • Building and testing GraphQL
  • Working in a team with frontend developers and designers

Stack: Node.js, Typescript, PostgreSQL, GraphQL

Senior Backend Developer, Live Coin Watch, 2015-2019

  • Backend business logic implementation
  • REST API development
  • Communication with the team

Software Engineer, Pride, 2005-2015

  • Administrating Asterisk servers and other IP telephony equipment
  • Adding IP telephony, connecting other operators, etc
  • Setting up VoIP equipment
  • Working with client requests (troubleshooting)
  • Working with related network equipment (switches, routers)
  • Maintaining the HA-stack of Asterisk servers in working order, ensuring its reliability and continuity
  • Designing and developing of the operator's IP telephony network
  • Generating of ideas and their implementation in the field of VoIP
  • Selecting and adjustment of the entire range of equipment, both client and server


  • Built an operator's IP-telephony network from scratch. The number of subscribers has exceeded 1500
  • Initiated and implemented a large number of additional client functionality
  • Wrote the Asterisk web interface for internal use on the Django framework
  • Wrote a company phone book integrated with Asterisk on the Yii framework
  • Developed of a web application for audio conferences.


Danil's expertise in Node.js development is unparalleled, and he consistently delivered high-quality work that exceeded our expectations. His ability to solve complex problems and find innovative solutions was a major asset to our team. He is also an excellent communicator and worked well with both technical and non-technical team members.

SBG Tech Lead


Danil Malkin

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