Artem C

DevOps Engineer / Python Developer
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Highly qualified IT expert, Python Developer/DevOps Engineer with more than 14 years in the industry, a passionate specialist in the field of automation, continuous delivery and cloud infrastructures.I adore my work and I always keep up my skills and research new technologies in order to deliver stable, fault-tolerate and reliable services.

Primary skills:

- Configuration Management (chef,ansible)

- Continuous Integration/Delivery (Jenkins,JenkinsPipelines)

- Service discovery(Consul)- Clouds (AWS)

- Containers (Docker)

- Monitoring(Prometheus,Grafana)

- Python



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DevOps Engineer / Python Developer

Linux, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Ansible, Python, Bash, Kafka



Senior DevOps Engineer, Chartboost, 2021-present

As a Sr. DevOps Engineer, I am busy with: 

- building and supporting core infrastructure 

- developing infrastructure tools 

- improving platform observability 

- troubleshooting production services 

- developing and improving legacy CI/CD pipelines 

- developing reusable Terraform modules  

- developing helm charts 

- helping developers 

- mentoring  


- GCP 

- AWS 

- Kubernetes 

Infrastructure as code: 

- Tarraform 

- Terragrunt 

- Atlantis 


- Python 

- bash 


- Jenkins 

- Travis 

- Spinnaker 


- DataDog 

- Pingdom 

- PagerDuty

BigData DevOps Engineer, Liberty Global, 2018-2021

I develop and support Big Data cluster. 

Technology stack: 

- ansible 

- consul 

- mesos/marathon 

- kafka 

- hadoop 

- elasticsearch 

- carbon 

- grafana 


As a Python developer, I make: 

- RESTful API's (with Django) 

- System tools 

- Prometheus exporters 

- Ansible modules

Software Engineer/DevOps Engineer, Bright Computing, 2016-2018

I develop an advanced distributed package build system, which considers dependencies between hundreds of packages and thousands of versions, deals with different environments, processor architectures & multiple operating systems.  

Technology stack: 

language: Python 

framework: Flask 

database: MongoDB 


Also, I develop a new infrastructure with: 

- Docker 

- Ansible  

- Jenkins  

- Consul  

- Prometheus 

- Grafana 

- ELK stack.

Senior DevOps Engineer, PropellerAds, 2015-2016

Configuration Management: Chef, Ansible  

Continuous Integration: TeamCity 

Continuous Delivery: Registry:2(Distribution), RPM 

Containers: Docker  

Container Orchestration: Kubernetes(for internal usage) 

Services: nginx, mysql(galera cluster), redis, etc., ... 



- Python: System Tools 

- Bash: System Tools 

- Go: 

- Ruby: developing chef cookbooks

Senior System Developer, SprintHost, 2013-2015

Maintaining chef-server Supporting monitoring system: Zabbix  


- BASH: System tools

- Python: implementation API for hosting services with Flask

- Ruby: developing cookbooks

System Administrator, Thumbtack Technology, 2012-2013

Support of the {users,developers,services}.

Scripts of the Deploy.

System of the Virtualization VMware ESXi. Work with AWS ec2, s3, etc.



Artem C

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