Andrei P

DevOps Engineer
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Senior DevOps Engineer with 8+ years of experience. I specialize in DevOps solutions that finely tune the development workflows through automation.

About my skills:

Cloud: Azure, AWS

IaC:Terraform, Terragrunt, Bicep

CI/CD: Azure DevOps

Kubernetes: AKS, EKS

Configuration Management: Ansible

Scripting: PowerShell



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DevOps Engineer

AWS, Kubernetes, Ansible, Grafana, Python



Senior DevOps Engineer, YPrime, 2022-Present

The client, a pharmaceutical company based in the United States specializing in clinical trial applications, encountered challenges related to the sluggish onboarding process for new clients.  

• Decreased the setup time of new infrastructure environments from 2 weeks to 1 hour by implementing infrastructure as code (IaC). 

• Increased the release speed of new features by 20X from 1 week to 2 hours by creating and implementing automatically triggered yaml pipelines, coupled with blue-green deployments. 

• Boosted the dev team's efficiency 2X by introducing new branching and deployment strategies. 

• Led a team of 2 DevOps engineers

Senior DevOps Engineer,, 2021-2022

The client, a prominent German firm specializing in digital solutions for the wholesale sector, sought to reduce the overall maintenance and administration expenses associated with their existing infrastructure and applications. 

• Reduced the overall infrastructure maintenance time by 50% by refactoring their Ansible codebase. 

• Reduced application administration time by 70% by automating the installation and configuration of all their applications.

Senior DevOps Engineer, IBM, 2019-2021

The client, a significant player in the US IT industry, required more efficient cloud infrastructure management, streamlined application deployment, and enhanced automation to boost productivity and reduce operational costs. 

• Achieved a 50% reduction in monthly infrastructure costs by optimizing the client's hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

• Reduced manual work and maintenance time by 80% through the automation of day-to-day tasks for both the DevOps and Development teams using scripts. 

• Enhanced issue resolution efficiency by 60% through the implementation of configuration management.

DevOps Automation Engineer, General Electric, 2015-2019

The client, a prominent player in industries such as energy, healthcare, and aviation, faced challenges in deploying and maintaining software across diverse projects, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and disruptions.  

• Achieved a 6X reduction in software deployment time from 1 month to 5 days by using scripts to automate the installation of GE software, streamlining the deployment of new environments. 

• Reduced deployment-related errors by 90% by orchestrating the deployment and integration of GE software on customer project servers, using Jenkins and PowerShell to ensure automated, efficient, and error-free implementations.  

• Decreased post-deployment issues by 80% by providing invaluable technical support for projects post-delivery, ensuring the sustained performance and success of the newly deployed environments.

System Administrator / Database Administrator, Metro Systems, 2007-2015

• Monitoring Production and Test Environments: Monitored production and test environments, ensuring data integrity, system stability, and swift identification of any anomalies or issues. 

• Analysis and Error Treatment: Conducted in-depth analysis and efficiently addressed errors in the Oracle databases. 

• Installation and Integration of Applications: Managed the installation of new applications and versions into the Window Servers.



Andrei P

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