Anatolii Veresov

DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer
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Experienced DevOps Engineer with over a decade of proven expertise in the field, specializing in AWS cloud services. Proficient in implementing and optimizing CI/CD pipelines, automating infrastructure deployment, and ensuring high availability and scalability of cloud-based applications.



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DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer





Work Experience

Senior DevOps Engineer,, 2021 - present


  • Build, deploy and update services on the GKE platform. 
  • Creating a continuous delivery process with automatic builds, tests, and deployments from scratch using GitHub Actions, Jenkins and ArgoCD. 
  • Provision and manage GKE clusters in GCP *Responsible for the availability of the production system and troubleshooting 
  • Incident management and provide application support 


  • The development process from commit to release has been developed and successfully implemented.
  • The release time with the new process was reduced to three times.
  • Migrated 20+ services from Jenkins to GitHub Actions

Head of DevOps, BIOCAD, 2019 - 2021


  • Development and standardization of methods for assembling, deploying and updating services both on the k8s platform in containers, on-prem and virtual servers without containers. 
  • Working with developers to create a continuous delivery process with automated build, test, and deployment from scratch. 
  • Provision and manage k8s clusters in Azure, GCP and on-prem environment 
  • Leading the team of 5 DevOps engineers  
  • Responsible for the availability of the production system and troubleshooting 
  • Incident management and provide application support  
  • Providing backup services 


  • Migrated 100+ services into containers and organizing their automatic build, deployment and update using Gitlab-CI on the kubernetes platform. 
  • Created of a multifunctional cloud platform for automatic deployment, management and support of container applications on GKE, consisting of such applications as - Gitlab, Artifactory, Kafka, Redis, Helm-tiller, Sonarqube, Istio, Rook, Vault, Prometheus, EFK, Kiali, Velero, Kasten 
  • Setup several kubernetes clusters from scratch(AKS, GKE, on-prem)  
  • Created detail disaster recovery (DR) plan for apps in k8s with “Velero” and “Kasten”

DevOps Lead, Sberbank-Technology, 2017 - 2019


  • Development lines administration and maintenance, private cloud infrastructure management on Openstack platforms.(Openshift, Kubernetes, Docker, Cloudera, Gitlab, Jenkins, etc.). 
  • Technical support, maintenance and monitoring: Internal infrastructure and Project's Test/Dev environments 
  • Development process support 
  • Release process automation and maintenance 
  • Daily routines automation(Ansible, bash) 



  • Automated most routine tasks creating Ansible roles and playbooks; 
  • Created several complex Openshift and Cloudera(CDH) clusters; 
  • Migrated hundreds of services to containers, and then to openshift;

Senior DevOps Engineer, DDG LLC., 2016 - 2017

  • Design and implement complex custom stacks of open source and proprietary products to support multi-node production environments  
  • Building and support the infrastructure for high-load project(more than 500,000 DAU) 
  • Maintenance of MongoDb/Unicorn(RnR)/Varnish/Nginx/Haproxy cluster stack 
  • Security Policy creation, enhancement and enforcement 
  • Hardware purchasing and coordination of remote hands for deployment  
  • Database(PostgreSQL,MySQL, MongoDB), Web-server(Nginx,Apache) and OS(Debian,Centos, Ubuntu) application troubleshooting and tuning 
  • Cloud monitoring, rebalancing(LXC, Docker, KVM and other). 
  • Administrating and scripting configuration management tools (Ansible) 
  • Implementation and support of the Gitlab, Jenkins (with pipeline plugin) 
  • Implementation of enterprise level computer backup system for heterogeneous networks - 'BACULA' 
  • Implementation of enterprise open source monitoring software for networks and applications - "ZABBIX" 
  • Working with a variety of centralized storage services logs(Graylog, ELK stack)

System & Network Engineer, LLC Demetra, 2015 - 2016

  • Ensuring continuous operation of infrastructure services. 
  • Providing health information resources of the company. 
  • Participation in the analysis of emergency situations, prevention and rapid Troubleshooting. 
  • Administration of Windows(7,8,2008,2012), Centos and Mac OS 
  • Work with ZABBIX monitoring system 
  • Administration of web-projects 
  • Work with virtualization systems VMware vSphere 
  • Automation of routine tasks using cmd scripts on Windows and bash scripts on linux 
  • Administration of different networking equipment Cisco Systems(routers, switches and VoIP through CUCM) 
  • Administration 1C 
  • Network cabling, installation of sockets, installation of patch panels and network equipment in the cabinets. 
  • Planning and procurement of various technical equipment.



Anatolii Veresov

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