Anastasia Nikityuk

Senior .Net Developer
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Passionate, self-improvement oriented .Net Developer with 8+ years experience working with MS SQL Server, including work with the most up-to-date versions of frameworks and technologies. Has deep understanding of databases and request optimization, experienced writing code that leads to great performance. Skillful at complex problem solving and troubleshooting, willing to explore new technologies for this.



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Senior .Net Developer

.NET;Entity Framework;SQL DB;NoSQL DB;Kubernetes;




  • C#
  • .NET 6
  • Entity Framework
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git
  • Docker
  • MongoDB
  • LINQ Databases
  • Kubernetes

Work Experience

Senior .Net Developer, UpTeam, 2022 - present

Project: Working on core components of a system designed to reduce healthcare costs through drug cost transparency at the point of care.

  • Building an application for international customers
  • Extending test coverage
  • Cooperating with other project team members about features and implementation design
  • Communicating with product stakeholders

Senior .Net Developer, Inanromo, 2021 - 2020

  • Supporting backend for NFT-game on .NET6
  • Optimized energy restoration of the heroes, created new highly loaded service for it
  • Working on integration with crypto-marketplace (getting trading book orders via realtime websocket)
  • Significantly improved my skills of unit-testing

Senior Developer, PickPoint, 2019 - 2021

Project: Joined the team responsible for integration with the different logistics companies and agents

  • Taking part in building inner API's, got into the spirit of DDD, developed several integrations with new partners (firstly via MS SSIS, then .NET Core services).
  • Working with C# (WebApi Core, ORM EF Core), including upgrading projects from .NET 4 to .NET 5; got knowledge of Postgre SQL, Mongo Db; learned to build systems based on message queues (Rabbit Mq), logging via ELK stack
  • Working with CI/CD: pipelines in Azure DevOps, Docker, Portainer
  • Using git in a team
  • After leave of head of our group I took over his responsibilities for the technical management of team of two developers

MS SQL Server Developer, Ozon, 2014 - 2019

Project: Joined the team responsible for integration with the different logistics companies and agents

  • Carried out routine back-end maintenance of integrations with airline booking systems (most logic written in T-SQL stored procedures and other programmable objects, CLR assemblies)
  • Took part in implementation of new project - Hotels and Tours booking. -
  • Updated MS SQL Server from 2008 to 2014, gained experience working with Visual Studio, team work via TFS version control, agile and code review practices

Database Administrator, RSB, 2011 - 2014

  • Began as MS SQL Server DBA, supported difficult outsource-developed system of budgeting
  • Participated in specification of requirements for the new implemented features, applied the updates etc
  • After two years of work I took over the responsibility for automating processes of budgeting and allocation of personnel costs: developed a DWH and Windows Forms interface for operating it


I highly recommend Anastasia Nikityuk for the role of Senior .Net Developer. Her extensive knowledge in C#, .NET, and SQL make her a highly proficient professional in top-tier application development. Anastasia has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for every project, and I am confident in her ability to meet the most demanding standards.

Gemini Health Tech Lead


Anastasia Nikityuk

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