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Experienced QA SME who quickly dives into the subject area at the level of participation in technical meetings, easily finds a common language with people and builds healthy communications.



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  • Web/Mobile/Desktop testing
  • Performance/load/stress, JMeter
  • Test data preparation for automation testing
  • Writing test-documentation (check-lists, test cases) and bug-reports
  • SQL data-base creating SQL scripts
  • Testing UI and API
  • Improvement testing and regression testing using test design technics, IDEAL, TPI-Next, CTP, STEP
  • Smoke tests, Integration tests

Work Experience

Head of QA, UpTeam, 2021-present

  • Leading QA efforts across multiple internal and our customers’ teams
  • Reviewing, auditing of existing process and tools (automation and manual); development & implementation of the necessary changes roadmap
  • Leading creation, execution, improvement, and maintanance of functional, system, integration and regression test suites using automated methods
  • Leading technical interviews with candidates, personal development meetings and job assessments
  • Working directly with our development teams from Alpha to launch, delivering high-quality functional releases, provide quality-oriented technical and thought leadership throughout the SDLC, including requirements analysis, story grooming, and sprint planning, review test code and provide feedback to improve both test quality and efficiency
  • Driving improvements in testing processes, documentation, and cross-functional collaboration
  • Working cross-functionally with multiple internal groups, regularly communicating updates to project stakeholders, both internal and external
  • Updating data tracking tools with the latest project information
  • Attending weekly QA calls and project risk meetings, surfacing information to stakeholders with enough time to take action

Head of QA Automation, SberServices, 2021-present

  • Creating of an auto-testing department (from 0 to 11 people in 7 months)
  • Building an auto-testing strategy
  • Testing infrastructure design and approval
  • Carrying out architectural design and writing frameworks (WebUI, Back-end) and related tools from scratch
  • Team management and roadmap planning
  • Implementing auto-tests in product teams (training manual testers in usage and analysis, integration into CI/CD)
  • Implementing functional component testing at the PR stage using a mock service that allows you to emulate the behavior of any adjacent component

Lead QA Automation Engineer, Ormco, 2019-2020

  • Managing of a distributed testing department
  • Building a Web and API testing process from scratch
  • Formulating expectations and metrics from the testing department
  • Writing a framework for the Web (python3 + pytest + selenium + allure + selenoid)
  • Writing a Desktop Framework (python3 + squish)
  • Carrying out formation and creation of tests
  • Setting up an environment for running tests (SelenoidHUB, Squish server)
  • Carrying out integration into the CI/CD process
  • Supporting and analyzing the results
  • Interacting with a distributed development team to involve them in processing test results and control the process of bug fixes

Lead QA Engineer, WayRay, 2019-2020

  • Testing department management
  • Organizing of product testing stages
  • Assigning tasks to employees
  • Controlling of the timing and quality of tasks
  • Organizing and holding of meetings / planning
  • Drawing up development plans for employees
  • Carrying out manual / automated product testing (mostly functional, integration, UI / UX)
  • Organizing testing AI algorithms
  • Building up interaction processes in the company. For example: the formulation of a document management standard, its coordination with the team and performers, control over its observance
  • Participating in all stages of product development: from planning to preparation for demo
  • Preparing test assignments and their verification, interviewing candidates, creating a program for onboarding new employees

Senior QA Engineer, Align Technologies Inc, 2017-2018

  • Working in a distributed team on multiple projects
  • Verifying and adding requirements
  • Writing Autotests (python + behave)
  • Loading / Updating Test Results in HPQC
  • Supporting existing test infrastructure (Raised the python version for all modules used, continuous refactoring, support for auxiliary tools, moving independent parts into separate modules, refactoring in accordance with PEP8)
  • Participating in integration sessions with other teams (helped in writing scripts to integrate with my team, troubleshooting)
  • CLI Support / Upgrade

QA Engineer, Hystax, 2016-2017

  • Working on several projects. I have experience working both in a team and on an individual project
  • Creating checklists
  • Doing manual and Auto-Testing (Functional / Non-Functional)
  • Writing autotests from scratch (Python)
  • Preparing and deploying an environment from scratch, including Jenkins, ReviewBoard, etc
  • Implementing CI/CD
  • Writing a web server for internal company tasks (Python + Flask)

QA Engineer, Axcient, 2015-2016

  • Participating in solving support tasks related to paravirtualization
  • Doing manual and Auto-Testing (Functional / Non-Functional);
  • Preparing the environment for testing
  • Creating checklists
  • Writing documentation for internal use
  • Participating in the review


I highly recommend Alexey for the position of Head of QA. With expertise in testing and great leadership skills, he is well-equipped for the role. He has excelled in leading QA efforts, driving process improvements, and ensuring high-quality releases. Alexey is a valuable asset to any team.

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Alexey Alexeenko

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