Alex Tsybulko

Senior ATQA
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Highly qualified QA professional with 7+ years experience and passion in building an effective QA process, specializing in test automation and implementation of continuous integration processes, with tasks at the junction of QA, Development and Operations, and possessing experience in both technical leadership and indirect management.



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Senior ATQA





  • NodeJS
  • TS
  • ES6
  • CodeceptJS
  • Playwright
  • Axios
  • AWS
  • Gitlab CI

Work Experience

QA Automation Lead, UpTeam, 2022-present

Project: a SAAS platform for promoting, Monitoring and analytics of advertising in digital channels.

  • Providing end-to-end solutions to software quality problems
  • Automated end-to-end, performance and integration test development for web apps UI and API
  • Developed a TAG Test Framework - an environment allowing to embrace several product teams testing process, unify the approach to writing cases, and providing 100% automation on the project from the moment of connection
  • Communication with product stakeholders
  • Collaboration with other team members
  • Planning of testing activities

Stack: NodeJS, TS, ES6, CodeceptJS, Playwright, Axios, AWS, Gitlab CI.

Senior QA Automation Engineer, Fortis, 2021-2022

Spanish cryptocurrency platform

  • Automated ui tests implementation and maintenance (Cypress + TS)
  • Automated api tests implementation and maintenance (Serenity + Java +RestAssured)
  • Automated load tests implementation and maintenance (Gatling + Scala)
  • CI (Gitlab) jobs control
  • Reporting
  • Daily scrum meetings
  • Sprint planing and workload estimations

Senior QA Automation Engineer, Sprint, 2020-2022

Canadian medical project working on gathering and analyzing of patient profiles.

  • Automated tests creation (Windows Batch)
  • Automation framework developing (NodeJS + Jasmine)
  • Test design
  • Daily scrum meetings
  • Sprint planing and workload estimations

Senior QA Automation Engineer, Elinext, 2019-2020

German project in fintech helping with financial accounting, management and


  • Automated tests implementation (JS + Protractor + Jasmine)
  • Already existing test suite maintenance
  • CI (Jenkins) jobs control
  • Reporting
  • Test Design
  • Daily scrum meetings

Java Developer / QA Automation Engineer, Elinext Group, 2016-2017

Capella helps treasury and accounting departments easily manage foreign currency and interest rate hedging relationships.

  • Implementation of necessary new logic
  • Developing automated test cases with Java and Selenium
  • Automated test suite maintenance
  • Parallel tests execution adjustment
  • CI (TeamCity) jobs management
  • Test design
  • Reporting


I highly recommend Alex for his exceptional skills in automation testing. His experience includes providing end-to-end solutions for software quality problems and developing automated tests for web app UI and API. Alex is a skilled communicator, collaborator, and planner, ensuring effective testing activities. He will be a valuable asset to your team.

SBG Head of QA


Alex Tsybulko

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