Alex Nasonov

Senior Full-Stack Developer
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A pragmatic, proactive, and responsible Senior Software Engineer interested to solve complex and unusual tasks trying not to stop on the reached abilities and pay due attention to self-development. Able to work in a team and easily find a common language with others.



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Senior Full-Stack Developer





  • Node.js
  • AWS
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • AngularJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • ALliCloud
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer, UpTeam, 2012-present

Project: ZypMedia is the first local-focused, full-stack, omnichannel digital advertising platform, a top OTT AdTech company in the US.

  • Creating new and maintaining and improving existing product features, bug fixing
  • Participating in new product development and planning
  • Writing unit tests, documenting code
  • Assisting QA team in creating and maintaining product knowledge base
  • Participating in product team meetings, providing personal input to enhance the product
  • Participating in conf. calls and online product demonstrations with US based colleagues

Project: Neurotech Solutions Ltd. is leader in developing and marketing cutting-edge, cloud-based technologies focused on human cognition and behavior with a special emphasis on Attention disorders. Our goal is to support professionals worldwide to improve their patients’ daily functioning, academic abilities and achievements.

  • Performance improvements and migration to AWS for project Neurotech Moxo
  • Participated in development in other Neurotech projects on PHP+NodeJS
  • Configure CI/CD pipelines
  • Proposed and implemented Multi-language management tool and PDF generator with Headless Chrome
  • Client communication
  • Planning
  • BackEnd and Frontend development
  • DevOps and people management

Technologies: NodeJS, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, AWS, AliCloud, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB

Project: AdviseBrands, JDprofiles, GamesMessanger, oOps, ServerStack

  • Implemented the statistics gathering for AdviseBrands using web analytics platform Piwik
  • Initiator of mobile app project iPromise
  • Client communication
  • Planing
  • BackEnd and Frontend development
  • DevOps and people management

Technologies: NodeJS, AngularJS, PHP, Yii, jQuery, MySQL, MongoDB, Piwik

Software Engineer, NTB Soft, 2010-2012

  • Participating in the development and support of distance education site Megacampus2.0
  • Integration services for import data from 1C
  • reation logic for synchronized authorization, registration and concurrent access for three interrelated sites
  • Maintenance the website on Insite CMS

Technologies:  Codeigniter, PHP, Jquery, JS, InsiteCMS, MySQL


I strongly endorse Alex Nasonov for the role of Senior Node.js Developer. With extensive knowledge in computer science, web development, Alex has a remarkable history of leading product development team and delivering exceptional products that meet customer requirements. His expertise in Node.js, AWS, PHP is impressive.

SBG Tech Lead


Alex Nasonov

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