Alex Kutseev

Senior / Lead .Net Developer
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A Senior/Lead .Net Developer with expertise in C#, .NET, and SQL specializes in top-tier application development experienced in backend development, architecture, database management, problem-solving, and performance analysis. Has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for any project and is confident in their abilities to meet the highest standards.



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Senior / Lead .Net Developer

.NET;Entity Framework;AWS;NoSQL DB;SQL DB;


AWS Certified Solutions Architect



  • C#, .Net Core 6/7
  • Entity Framework
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • NoSQL DB
  • Hangfire / Redis
  • AWS
  • Docker

Work Experience

Senior / Lead .Net Developer, UpTeam, 2020 – present

Project: GeminiHealth is a system designed to reduce healthcare costs through drug cost transparency at the point of care.

  • Building an application for international customers
  • Extending test coverage
  • Cooperation with other project team members about features and implementation design
  • Participating in traditional Scrum ceremonies
  • Performing code review for junior team members
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise with junior team members

Senior .Net Developer, Freelance, 2015 – 2020

  • Project: Development of the Lightspeed eCommerce resource API parser, followed by a dump in XML. UI client development for parser on WindowsForms .Net Core.


  • .Net Core 3, hosted service with queued background tasks
  • SQLite
  • Serilog
  • Project: Development of the DjinnPay payment gateway. Most of the work was done in a two-man team, rumсrum with two-week sprints.

I was engaged in the design and subsequent development of application modules. The most interesting task is the creation of a billing module (accounting, double entry).


  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Dramatiq + Redis
  • Vue.js with TypeScript
  • Docker for containerization
  • Project: Development of the parser API for the resources Propellerads and Adsterra as a web application; Export processed data to Excel.


  • ASP.NET Core 2, hosted service with queued background tasks
  • Entity Framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • Containerization in Docker

Full-Stack Developer, Slavin – Internet Technologies, 2014 – 2015

  • Development and maintenance of the company's Internet applications
  • Development of instant messaging using SignalR + knockout.js


  • EF


Alex is an outstanding Senior/Lead .Net Developer with extensive experience in top-tier application development. He is a problem-solver who can deliver exceptional results for any project. I highly recommend him for any Senior/Lead .Net Developer position.

Gemini Health Tech Lead


Alex Kutseev

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