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Experienced Senior Full-Stack Developer with over 10 years of experience in programming and supporting fast and complex web applications, including those made from scratch and deployed to production. Proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Graphql, Node.js, Express, Nest.js. Have given a public talk "Reflection in TypeScript" at the Holy.js conference, participated in a tech-entertainment podcast for several years, and continuously strive to improve my skills and knowledge.



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Frontend Developer




Work Experience

Senior Full-Stack Developer, Arrival, 2019-2023

- Developing a rich fleet management web application, working on project architecture, making decisions, sometimes mentoring newcomers, and doing interviews.  
- Supporting and improving a UI library, developing a quite complicated single-page application, including fixing performance issues, also doing a lot of work on the backend-end side: developed and supported a few NodeJS applications (Nest.js, Express + Apollo server), developed and supported a NodeJS monorepo (which contains an http-client, codecs, formatters, and different plugins)

Senior Frontend Developer, Yandex, 2015-2019

-Worked on the improvement of a b2b personal account with a document flow. I developed the full stack of the application, including client-side (BEM, React) and NodeJS API (Express).
-Developed general solutions for the department to improve the development experience, including shared components and NodeJS API performance improvements.
-Participated in the onboarding process and educating newcomers.
-Took part in Node.js school for beginners, which lasted a few weeks, as a mentor and speaker of JS module systems and package managers.

Full-Stack Developer, ad1, 2012-2015

-Participated in the development and refactoring of the CPA advertisement network with white-label solutions.
-Worked mostly as a backend developer. Besides developing a simple web application for customers, I worked a lot on the highload advertisement system, which includes displaying advertisements on websites, clicks/actions processing, and an antifraud system.



Aleksandr Banga

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