Albert Cabuti

DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer
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Computer Science Engineer with wide experience on Architecting, Developing, Integrating and Managing Systems Infrastructures on cloud, hybrid and on premise, as well as experience in IT Security and Development. Currently working as Solutions Architect of Cloud Infrastructure with emphasis on DevOps/SRE operation and automation of such Solutions. Passionate about technology, I love to learn and expand my skills and experience and apply them to manage and execute the design, build, automation and operation of IT infrastructures and solutions



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DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer





OS: Linux(Deb + RH families), Windows
Build Tools: MSBuild, Maven
CI/CD: Jenkins(Including Pipelines and Shared Libraries), GitLab CI, GitHub Actions
Virtualization: VirtualBox+Vagrant, libvirt + Qemu
Containers: Docker
Clustering: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Helm
Monitoring: Prometheus and Grafana
Provisioning: Terraform
CMS: Ansible
Foundational technologies and knowledge: Git, Agile, ITIL

Work Experience

Lead Site Reliability Engineer, Hopper, 2021 - present

- Designing, implementing and maintaining DevOps processes and practices

- Collaborating with development teams to ensure that code is deployed in a timely and efficient manner

- Managing and monitoring cloud infrastructure and services using AWS

- Creating and maintaining documentation for DevOps processes and procedures

- Team management

Cloud SRE Engineer and Solutions Architect, CAPSiDE, 2016 - 2021

- Review of architecture of customer projects
- Technical and Architectural Support to projects engineers, presales and consulting
- Assist on the definition of the product catalog offered to customers
 - Define and implement Business Continuity Solution with Disaster Recovery for the company own infrastructure, including ISO 27001 certification
- Define and implement continuous improvement processes
- Technical Lead of critical customer projects
- Recruiting, Onboarding, Mentoring and Performance Reviews
- Ensure automation is applied whenever possible

Some of the cool technologies I work with include:

   - AWS (Solutions Architect Professional certification)
   - GCP and Azure
   - Infrastructure as Code (CloudDeploy, CloudFormation, Ansible, Terraform)
   - Source Code Management systems (GitLab, GitHub)
   - CI / CD tools (GitLab, Jenkins)
   - Docker technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)
   - Serverless
   - Monitoring

Systems IT Manager, Affinity Petcare, 2012 - 2015

Continued my task on the Systems Department but now taking the lead also in the non-technical aspects of the department.

Some major projects included:
   - Migration of several services and servers to Cloud IaaS (with AWS).
   - Migration of SAP ERP from Oracle to HANA on VMWare (first in
   - Migration from Lotus Domino/Notes to GMail & Google Apps.

Security Engineer & IT R&D, Affinity Petcare, 2003 - 2015

- Designed the Security Policy for Affinity Petcare and all the companies on the same "Industrial Group" (Agrolimen, including Gallina Blanca-Star, Eat-Out and Bicentury).
- Implemented and kept the operations of all the details in the Security Policy.
- I quickly took the technical leadership of the IT department, lead all the technical aspects of the Systems Department and defined the Systems Infrastructure of the company.

Some major projects:

- Virtualization of all the Systems Infrastructure (with VMWare and NetApp SAN)
- Migration of ERP from BPCS to SAP (BASIS)
- Definition and implementation of network and security architecture
- Architect, and Implement many different systems to complete the architecture like:

   - Backup to disk with Bacula
   - Systems monitoring with Nagios
   - Spam filter with DSpam
   - Disaster recovery with NetApp/SnapMirror for critical systems



Albert Cabuti

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