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An experienced software Engineer specializing in architecture, scalability, and performance optimization, I craft solutions that meet immediate project needs and lay the groundwork for sustainable growth. My focus extends beyond technical aspects as I consistently enhance the overall developer experience, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.



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Frontend Developer

React;React Native;Jest;Node.js;



Work Experience

Tech Lead Mobile FullStack Developer, Luxer One, 2022 - present

Responsible for luxerOne Pulse App, internal app in the company to handle tasks between technical and crm people, my profile is tech lead actually, taking most of the technical decisions, in the dev team we are three devs, we use expo with a custom distribution. This product also uses an ocr to deliver packages and recognize packages into the Luxer system.

Also I had the chance to create an OCR using Google Vision Api and OpenAi Api to recognize fields into a shipping label. I had the ownership to research the different options to create an OCR based on prices and performance, Actually is working on production, and perform really well.

Technologies used: Typescript, React Native, Expo 48, Redux Toolkit, Tanstack query, Git flow, OpenAi Api, Google Cloud, NestJs, Prisma, kubernetes, Maestro.

Senior React Native Developer, Nayya, 2022 - 2022

Nayya is a company focusing in a more transparent, less confusing way for employees to control their health and financial potential  

Working as a senior developer for a healthcare technology company, providing support for a mobile application running with Expo.  

Also providing acknowledgment for a medium size mobile app, and fixing bugs of architecture and providing refactors to improve the performance coming from a poor implementation of animations  

Technologies used: Typescript, React Native, Expo, Graphql, Mparticle, eas, react-query, Git flow.

Senior React Native Developer, Equinox, 2019 - 2022

Leading a compact group of developers in the creation of a React application tailored for utilization by stakeholders and Equinox Media personnel. The app's purpose is to replicate programs, workout sessions, and related activities, employing AI algorithms in the background to offer suggestions, devise routines, and generate workouts for clients. 

Additionally, I hold the responsibility of sculpting Contentful's data structure – a headless CMS content framework. This infrastructure will serve as the backbone for various applications such as mobile apps, microservices, our primary app, and the AI microservice. It will seamlessly absorb an extensive array of data and resources, utilized for displaying content or supporting business logic. This endeavor will empower content creators and trainers to effortlessly contribute content to the platform, ensuring its future integration across a multitude of applications. My role involves close collaboration with both the backend team and the data science team to construct an optimal architecture. 

Technological Arsenal: 

React, Typescript, redux, Reselect, Jest, Enzyme, Contentful 

Furthermore, in anticipation of prospective applications, I have conceived a proof of concept for a real-time chat system. Employing Twilio in the underlying framework, I crafted a functional prototype that facilitates message notifications, live updates, and the capacity to add participants to ongoing chats. This functionality extends to SMS communication, allowing interaction with clients via the application.

Semi Senior Frontend Developer, Bonzzu Inc., 2018 - 2019

Bonzzu is a software development and design agency. Worked in a web application with React.js as technical lead in frontend. The project was about control alarms in boats.

This application allows the management of the location and navigation.

Technologies used: styledComponents, reactJS, axios, git flow, nextJS, remix, nodeJS, mongoDB

Frontend Mobile Web Developer, intive, 2016 - 2018

Intive is a fast-growing global technology company. 

Was part of the team that developed a web application builded in ReactJS. This application allows the management of crew members related to trips, vacations, and dutywaps. The client was Sabre corp.  

Another project was an app builded on react native to handle pdf documents between doctors and patients, the client was merck. 

And the last one but not less important was intelligize, which is a platform web based compliance for handle enterprise documents 

Technologies used: React Native, redux, sagas, reselect. Git flow,reactJS, node, mongoDB.

Frontend Developer, Oracle, 2014 - 2016

eCommerce Developer JS, KnockoutJS.  

Onsite Developer, working from Oracle Office Puerto Madero.



Agustin De Luca

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